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Pie? Or Cake? A Poll

Poll Results: Which is better?

Poll expired: May 31, 2013  
  • 51% (29)
    Pie, you flippin' communist
  • 48% (27)
    Cake, you rube
56 Total Votes  
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Which is better? Pie or cake?
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Pie, obviously.
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Cake. Obviously cake.
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I would prefer to have my cake and eat pie, too.
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Cake is basically a delivery mechanism for frosting.
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I don't think I've ever had pie. Cake is good, but I'm not a big fan (except for pound cake).
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It has become clear that I will need to institute some sort of poll tax or test to encourage the correct result.
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Well, here's the thing: people who prefer pie are pretty strong partisans. So it's entirely possible that you just have better turnout (or turnovers) from the people who like pie, who (if they're me) cannot dare let cake win.


Of course, the truly correct answer is both.

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It is definitely a close call, but cakes can be made with pie like crusts and pie like fillings, thus making them the more versitile dessert.
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is this thread a sex joak?

either way, i voated for cake. but both good cake and good pie must be homemade, none of that store bought crap.
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Is cheesecake a pie or a cake? It's the winner.
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YES!! Cheesecake FTW
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Ice cream cake or cookie cake. You can't do that with pie.
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