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Thanks for the food advice.

I normally don't even bother with breakfast, but I need something to keep my energy up when I'm exercising. I hate the taste of my energy bars/balls so there's no chance I will be snacking on them.

I'll try some eggs and see if they will tide me over during exercise.

I hate being old. If I were 24 and I had the diet and exercise regime I'm on now, I'd already look like a Greek god, instead of a middle aged overweight guy.

I guess that evolution has conditioned my body to retain fat as I get older. (My body knows that soon I will be too old to hunt and the tribe will cast me out alone in the cold winter and I will have to survive on my stored fat.)

Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy View Post

I would encourage you to not rely upon energy bars for a meal. They have a ton of calories and they are an easy snack habit to pick up. Before you know it you start grabbing them in between meals and adding pounds. They are great if you need a snack on a 25+mile bike ride, but avoid for daily consumption.

For breakfast try two eggs soft boiled or scrambled in a non-stick pan and turkey bacon. You will get plenty of protein, you won't get hungry late morning, it is low in calories. 2 eggs = 136 calories, 3 strips of turkey bacon =120 calories Total calories 256

The total calories of your current breakfast is 320+ .

Or, you may want to rotate the egg/turkey bacon with your current breakfast. Many people have a hard time sticking to a diet plan because they just simply get sick and tired by the same food. Plus, the eggs you can eat on an ongoing basis. I doubt you will want to stick with your current diet long-term.

Whatever you decide, good luck. Good to hear you are loosing the spare tire !

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Originally Posted by Kai View Post

I normally don't even bother with breakfast, but I need something to keep my energy up when I'm exercising.

When I began a managed exercise program a few years ago, part of the plan was to consult with a nutritionist. She was the one who suggested the eggs and turkey bacon to 1) keep me from getting hungry in the late morning and 2) to give enough energy for an intense workout. The best part is that it is easy and very satisfying.

If you eat cereal, other starch or sugars you tend to get a drop in blood sugar around 10:30-11. I find the protein breakfast gives me a sustained level of energy.

I find this simple breakfast free of sugar and starch also ideal when I travel. I can get it just about anywhere and not pack on the lbs.

I hope it works out for you.
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Originally Posted by JesseLivermore View Post

You would be a great candidate for Intermittent Fasting. It will help you a great deal.  Go to and see if would interest you at all. But I really believe that it would be nearly perfect for someone like you.


And yes, I would do cardio any chance you get. First thing in the AM on an empty stomach would be ideal, however.


Doing both of the aforementioned will get you really close to your goal. It will also help you immensely with avoiding the dreaded skinny-fat look, which many end up looking like after months of a severe caloric deficit.


I'm trying out Intermittent Fasting right now and I'm pretty impressed with the results. Never checked out before though, gonna do that now.

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It's not too difficult. I've lost 30 lbs over the last year; 20 in the past 5 months alone. The majority of it came off my mid-section with the rest being shed around my face (at 22, I still carried some baby fat in my cheeks). Now I'm 6'3'' and 165 lbs. Yes, that's probably too lean and I'm outting myself as not being a muscular bro. But that college weight needed to go. 


My secret? As someone said earlier: expend more calories than you take-in. For me that has meant cutting back - a lot. And ditching public transit in favor of walking (3.5 miles each mild morning and another mile in the evening). True, that takes some time each day. Again though the idea is simple enough. You'll see a difference after a couple weeks. I'm not sure what OP's diet is like. IME cutting out fast foods has been the most difficult (going from college to the 'real world'). Now, for breakfast I'll have a few well-seasoned eggs or oatmeal; lunch is tuna and toast; and dinner is typically a lean meat or pasta. Someone else alluded to the importance of drinking water and I can't stress that necessity enough. 


I'm not some sort of nutritionist, exercise freak / gym rat or weigh lost expert but I do speak from personal experience.

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I've gotten by with the following very simple diet / exercise protocol - when I stick with it, it works - I hit it hard over the last 90 days and lost 3 inches off my waist and 5 off my gut.

Basically, I do 3 sets of 3-4 compound exercises per workout. A typical workout is less than 30 min. I tend to do pull-ups, squats, and rows in one workout and incline bench (or push ups), dips or tri extensions, and military press in the other. I do abdominals and hyperextensions every workout, and work out twice per week.

For each set (after a warm-up set) I go as heavy and as slow as I can, shooting for 3 reps with good form, 5 seconds up, 5 seconds down.

I try to walk at a brisk pace once per week for about an hour.

That's it.

In addition, I do four very simple things with my diet:

First, I avoid sugar wherever possible - especially Sucrose. All the "high GI / low GI" stuff that is so en vogue now is basically wrong, but sucrose brings you the worst of both worlds - high insulin response, high propensity to be stored as fat. High fructose corn syrup is actually a form of sucrose - I avoid it like the plague, but it's impossible to avoid completely.

Second, I avoid eating a lot of processed carbs like rice, bread, etc., limiting portions to about the size of my palm.

Third, I try to limit butter and salad dressing to reasonable levels. This is as simple as getting the dressing on the side.

Fourth, I take a picture of everything I eat during the day - even snacks - then look at the pics before my next meal. This sounds insane, but it has the effect of making me realize how much I've eaten during the day, and actually seems to help me control my appetite.

I'll add this - I'm not sure gaining weight is as much about what we eat as how efficiently our body processes what we eat. One company I work with has embraced this MD-administered wellness program where you take a blood test and the MD checks the levels of certain things then prescribes supplements (prescription and non-prescription) to get your levels where he wants them. It's not one of those anti-aging, all testosterone deals, though he does occasionally prescribe some sort of testosterone cream you rub on your balls (fun!). Also, it isn't a quick fix - takes a while to become effective - but every single person who has been on this program has seen their health improve, energy levels improve, and the fat people have lost weight. I go for my blood test tomorrow, so I will report back . . . .
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I know that adds up on the calories which is why I always drink mine straight black.


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yes,I figured as much.  Let's focus on the pounds for now then, and a less obvious belly


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