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New watch for around $250

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Hey guys, I have a fashion-related quandry. I'd like a new watch for myself - something nice but not terribly expensive. This is just a little gift to myself that I'd hope to have for a couple of years. I'd like to keep the maximum price around $250, but I would be open to spending up to $400 or so - as long as the watch is at a really good deal (i.e. a watch with a $1250 retail price for $450 or something). I would not spend the $250 at full-retail, I would rather get a $500 watch for $250. Currently, the watch I wear nearly every day is a Wenger (swiss army design) in stainless steel with a croc band. The retail price was around $400 (I paid less), plus the cost of the band. I also have a Victorinox in stainless steel (case and band) with a red dial, a Victorinox in matte black aluminum with a black strap, and a gold Citizen with a black dial. I rarely (once a year or so) wear the latter three. I'd like something casual - a 'sports' watch - nothing too dressy. I'd like stainless steel, but gold accents might be okay. I plan on purchasing a 'dress' watch in the near future, so right now I would just like something casual. I've been looking at Locman and like their designs, especially the Chronographs. I found the following on ebay for about 50% off retail: ($400, but if I hear good things about it I don't mind) (Locman, $160) My local TJ Maxx also has a TechnoMarine (from the TechnoSport line) that looks cool. The only thing I don't really like is that the strap is rubber (blue, plus it comes with a spare gray strap) and the unusual design of the strap would prevent me from switching in a stainless steel one. They are selling it for $250, which I believe is around 50% off retail. Any word on TechnoSport? Another area TJ Maxx has some Ebel watches (around $600 though), and a very nice looking Versace ($1600), though I think the Versace fetches a premium for the name.
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A sports watch that I get compliments for in the accutron lucerne. I paid around 300$ for it if I recall. Looks fine with a suit as well. bern
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Just as a practical matter, a mixed gold/stainless watch with a metal bracelet is the most versatile watch you can own, since it goes with all colors of leather and all belt buckles. Investment wise, you'll always get a watch that will hold value better with a vintage watch, but you have to LIKE the vintage concept to begin with. If you're looking for a "sleeper", Oris and Tissot are two respected Swiss watchmakers with long histories that will mark you as discerning. Among the highly promoted brands, Tag-Heuer has some sport-type watches available at discount in that range.
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Your email mentions that you only want the watch for "a couple of years." In the life of a watch, that's a very short time as I'm sure you know. I'm curious if you don't mind -- why spend so much on such a short-timer?
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armscye, Good point about the gold and S/S combination - however, the watch I currently wear every day is stainless steel with gold accents - I just want something different. I do like vintage watches (very much&#33, but I was thinking of getting a vintage watch (perhaps an Omega or Longines) for my 'dressy' watch I plan to purchase in the future. Oris has some very nice sport watches, and I was seriously contimplating some models by Tissot. Kabert, Well, to tell you the truth, I'd like to have the watch for a while. I just didn't want someone recommending a watch that costs $4,000 because it will last a lifetime. The only reason I said 'a couple of years' is that I wanted something relatively inexpensive so that I wouldn't be heartbroken if I lost it. Truth be told, I have yet to lose a watch. So to get to the point, I would like to keep costs lower in case something happens to the watch, but would like to keep it for longer.
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Kai made a great suggestion in a previous thread for Citizen Eco Drive Modena Perpetual Chrono: Comes in non-chrono as well.
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