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Critique my sleek new oxfords - style and fit!

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Critique my sleek new oxfords...
After months of tons of reading here, I've been searching for a new pair of high quality black cap toes.

I'm a big fan of Santoni, Ferragamo Tramezza, Testoni, and many C&J (sleeker looks).
I don't like AE, Alden, etc.
Not for business/work setting.

Please comment on the:
1 Style - yay or nay?
2 Fit - good?

Without saying the make of these quite yet, I will say that they are easily resoleable and bought on sale for $200. Also, I can still return or exchange for a different size.

Any comments appreciated (except get AE!).


2 photos below show some creasing on right side of left foot only when standing upright. Within realm of normal or excessive? I have a low-volume and narrow foot, so I could add a heel cushion (Superfeet 3/4, etc) which might fill it out. I also have this shoe in a 1/2 size smaller, but that's a little tight in the vamp and has the identical left foot slight wrinkle.
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the toe is rather elongated, though you do mention you have a narrow foot, so perhaps it is just the proportions. Wear them in good health!

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Judging by the excess room in the heel area, you are in for a world of pain. Blister City. Population: you.
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If you like them, they are fine. Nothing wrong with a plain cap toe.

Personally I like mine with a little more brogue detail and a somewhat more rounded toe.

something like this:

But what concerns me is the look of the fit. They look like they have far too much room in the heal. They also have an odd bump at the base of the the laces. Not sure that will go away. I would return them for a better fit for your foot.
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agreed that a punch cap is a much more appealing shoe  in general to a plain cap toe.  

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I learned the hard and expensive way to never buy dress shoes from a store that does not measure your feet before advising you on a size.
Bring the shoes back if you can and get a cap toe styled more traditional that fits you extremely well.
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HERRING SHOES HOUSE LABEL. Best $250 goodyear welt shoes money can buy
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