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Furthermore, if something is fundamentally wrong with the styling it could be a deal killer.
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I don't have a favorite suit*, but I do have a favorite jacket. It's my favorite for a few reasons -- I like how it looks, I like how it feels, and I've had fun wearing it.


*I have a suit I picked up recently that I'm excited to wear, but it needs the sleeves and trouser legs to go down about an inch, and the temperatures to go down about 25 degrees, before I can really wear it. Once all that comes together, it should be awesome.

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My favorite is an Isaia MTM navy pinstripe bought 6 or so years ago. Have bought several nicer suits since then, but I continue to reach for that suit. The stripes are starting to fade and it's showing wear in places; nonetheless, I love wearing it.
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My favorite suit is probably my least versatile in terms of performing as a suit, but both the trousers and the jacket perform admirably as separates and when worn together feel great and elicit compliments. I can only wear it five months out of the year, so I guess those five months make it pretty special.


Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


As a suit:



As an odd jacket


As odd trousers



It's my favorite because it is the one I enjoy wearing the most (though it also fits very well).

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the suit that i call my favorite isnt my favorite...a plain grey isaia....but i find myself most comfortable in a cashmere houndstooth that feels like pajamas. Its soft, a little roomy, and impossible to match. But its probably my true favorite. I think thats the point of being well dressed. It isnt adhering to a strict rule book, but being truly comfortable in your clothes. The ole proverbial "wearing your clothes and not your clothes wearing you"
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My favorite is a navy blue Caruso that I bought a couple of years back for my wedding. It fits me spectacularly, and there's the added attachment of having been my wedding suit.
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no, we were talking about different points of view. it's not a matter of who's right. and the conversation is on point with this thread's premise. this reply to your comment is, in fact, more of a derailment.


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