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Better Gymwear

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Hi all,

I'm curious on what people wish they had in terms of clothing when they go to the gym / play sports.
So every time I've gone to the basketball courts this past month, I look at myself in the mirror and realize I look like shit. The combination of my overly-baggy basketball shorts and old rumpled t-shirt just isn't a good look. When I go online to buy some gear, there's Nike and Underarmor but no quality non-branded basics I can buy that comes at an affordable price. I know some guys will retort, saying who the hell cares what you're wearing at the gym; yet, I know there's a sizable number of people who'd prefer looking good while they exercise and when they play sports.

This experience has led me to think about starting a new athleticwear brand, revolving around the fit (main emphasis), performance, and lifestyle of the everyday person, not a super-athlete. An Everlane for athleticwear if you can envision it. I was thinking of experimenting with semi-tapered, high quality track pants or comfortable all in one boxer-athletic shorts.
I'd like to hear from fellow SF members on whether they ever wished they had something in particular they wanted in terms of gymwear. Are there any aspects of leading sportswear brands that you wish could be done better? What sort of gym apparel do you tend to buy today?

I took a look on a previous related thread, but there weren't any great alternatives except for lululemon, which is pretty expensive and geared towards women. Also, it'd be great to hear what your favorite athletic sportswear pieces are. A friend recently remarked he had a pair of Jordan shorts that he loved so much due to its quality that he doesn't even wear it to the gym but strictly around the house when he has downtime. Hearing about that sort of relationship to something as simple as basketball shorts was interesting. I think being able to evoke that feeling from others would be meaningful.
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i dunno, if you go to the gym to actually work out, you typically don't give a shit what you look like...unless you work at out GraphicNovelty's gym
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Same, I usually just go in, workout, then get the hell out.

Don't really put much thought into gymwear.

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Some of the crossfit affiliated companies make more fitted gym gear. HYLETE comes to mind.
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I love Under Armour gear. I have their compression shirts and shorts that are washed a lot and they are holding up fine after 3+ years. I had a bit of Nike stuff, but they did not hold up so well. The logo does not really bug me since they are small.
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Nike x gyakusou makes some really nice runningwear, but honestly nobody else in the gym cares what you look like in the gym. Plus you'll be sweaty and disgusting anyways, unless you aren't really working out, in which case why bother going to the gym in the first place?

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Thanks for the feedback.

Is there a difference at all between going to the gym and playing sports (basketball, squash, tennis, etc.)?

I'm not saying you'd have to put together a super fashionable outfit for the gym. But some articles of clothing that you don't have to think about twice in terms of quality and look before heading out. I also grab food after the gym and I am a bit more conscious of what I'm wearing then. But maybe that's just me.
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