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Expensive Sneakers


How many pairs of expensive sneakers do you own? This thread (which covers sneakers over $300) is a fast-moving catalogue of high-end designer sneakers, including previews of seasonal releases and discussion of which brands and which designs are actually worth the high price tags they command. Take a read. 


Aitor Throup


British designer Aitor Throup is one of the most interesting (and hyped) designers out there. From his initial collection as he finished graduate school to his work with Stone Island and Umbro, Throup has presented a fascinating blend of comic book character inspired clothes, with outstanding (and innovative construction) and fabrication techniques. His first full collection is hitting stores, and this thread chronicles his unique, and impressive, genius. 


B&S Finds


Robert Geller Grey Oversized Panel Sweatshirt, L


Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Mini-Check Suit, BB2