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Suit, Tie and Shirt?

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Hey everybody,


Needed some opinions on a few things, so here we go. I'm headed to a wedding (at night) and was thinking about wearing the suit in the link below, its the exact same one.




I was gonna wear it with a light blue shirt as well just like in the picture, I was wondering what you guys thought about as tie. I have a nice striped (diagonal stripes) dark blue and red one as well that I thought might match well. I can post a pic of it, if that might help.


Also, what do you think about wearing this for a wedding? Not too informal looking? I also have a black pinstripe one if I needed to switch to something else.


Thanks for your help.

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I'd wear that suit and shirt in the daytime, not the nighttime. Not enough contrast.
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I can see becnal's point though some of that might be flash in the pic.
I think it is alright. Most likely it is not a wedding of the most perfectly dressed people in the world even if they are not horribly dressed.
I would probably go with a white shirt, myself, but I think you are fine. And I do not like that certain darker blue(might be named French,Royal) that is worn. Awful in shirts and maybe in general. Though there are certainly darker blues that are fine.
And I dislike black suits, so that would certainly not be an improvement by my scorecard.
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Thanks for for your help. I think I'm going to stick with the grey suit, with the blue shirt. Change it up a bit, plus its a brand new suit so why not try it out. 

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