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All About Allen Edmonds


Allen Edmonds occupies a substantial, if somewhat overlooked, place in the men’s shoe market. For many it’s the first introduction into quality men’s shoes – they’re still made in America, they’re widely available, and, compared to many other brands, they’re affordable. Beyond Park Avenues and Strands, this thread is about everything AE – from rare models, to custom orders, to the best place to find em cheap. Take a look. 


Choosy Sunglasses Choose Sunglasses


Do you wear sunglasses? Which brand? What shape? When? Where? Why? This thread is all about... sunglasses. From $1000 handmade Japanese pairs lathed from wood and stone, to another Luxxotica offshoot, this thread covers it all. Essential for your summer wardrobe. 


B&S Finds


LVC 1947s, 32x34



Mark McNairy x TBS Officer Shoe, 8.5