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Anyone seen the Brookline grey+floral in stock anywhere? Saw it at Nepenthes, and it looked/felt awesome, but they only had an L left. Probably need a small, unless it fits really slim
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Thanks, 'preciate it
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Tried on the herringbone Bedford.....Did they change the fit of the jackets? Small seems a bit roomier than past seasons, maybe because they removed the lining in the body?
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It fits a little big, so does the denim Bedford this season. Uniform serge is a little trimmer, more like we're used to I think.
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It looks the sleeves are roomier. May be it is better for layering
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Anyone know the name of this jacket? It just sprinted to the top of my Fall to-buy list.
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Pretty sure that is the Reversible Bal Coat. Shame its reversible if it is, its perfect the way you see it in that photo.
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Jack Straw has the reversible bal coat in navy/blue, along with an FWK version in (I think) black/hawaiian floral print. They also got in another big shipment this last week with more shirts, jackets, and a couple trousers. Also lots of FWK.

Picked up the miner shirt in black/navy flannel, a white oxford 19th cent. BD, and the missus got an FWK bush shirt.
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Thanks, guys. Reversible might be a deal breaker but I may take a shot.
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Had the chance to try on a few pieces. Here are a few observations from a first time EG buyer. Your results might differ of course, based on your taste and body fit smile.gif


The fit of the pants - fatigue/ reversed sateen and USN -  is absolutely spot on for me and bought the fatigue. Only not going for USN as I do not like the olive color and I have already tons of navy pants.


Lafayette/ black flannel is fantastic. Even for a bigger guy like my (I'd like to think muscle and not fat, mind you), I sized down to M. A keeper.


Work shirt in Navy heathered cotton - Unbelievable fabric and color but ... the thing looks like a potato sack on me. I think the cut is way too long. And even tucked in it looks weird due to tons of extra fabric. I am and L and downsizing is not an option as it would be too tight


Herringbone Bedford. Very nice. Fit in L is spot on. However, the gray is a tad too dark for me and it is also too thick for LA (What was I thinking? Oh wait, I know: Trips to NYC, Europe, skiing ...).


More appropriate for LA: Found a SS13 beach jacket and bought it. Was told it is pretty much the same cut than a Bedford. LOVE IT!


Pics attached (Thanks Brad B. for the beach jacket fit idea) with more details on those pieces and the fabrics if you care for it.


Next: Those reversible vests, especially the Gray/ small flower pattern are really, really growing on me. Need a good shirt and tie to go with it as well.









Lafayette Black Flannel detail (Click to show)



Love this shirt. Great and rather light weight flannel.








Work Shirt detail (Click to show)



The hem is just not working for me. Awkward pose to show the line/ length of the hem in side pic







Fabric detail (Click to show)



Detail on the fabrics. All are amazing. but those three pieces did not work out for me








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Originally Posted by JOA View Post

Anyone know the name of this jacket? It just sprinted to the top of my Fall to-buy list.
that looks quite a bit like the reversable mac coat (one side of it at least). we'll be getting a short run in our second drop as well.

in other news, we are down to 1 navy shawl - they flew. if you are still thinking about grabbing one id say email me ASAP unless youre holding out for the patterned options. solids disappeared right in front of us
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^^ mbaum - how's the fit on the Lafayette? It looks pretty boxy from your photo.

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