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Miner Shirt in Red/Navy Heavy Twill Plaid


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I'm liking that! Thanks for the pic. How's price and/or when will you have these up online?
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Oh man, that Pop Over is niiiiiiiiice!
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just saw your Instagram pic....herringbone bedford looks great's the pricing on that one? Man....I need a second job....
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Both the Popover and the Miner are $185.00. They won't be online for a bit, but we aren't able to sell them through the website regardless, so phone or email orders are welcome! They are available for immediate shipment. Feel free to contact me directly at or by phone at 312.675.2105 for further info such as measurements, size availability, etc.

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I need to get off my ass and drive down to Chicago one of these days and check you guys out in person.
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Please do! 

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Love the long sleeve Popover. Curious to see what other fabrics are available for this shirt.
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I just love this jacket more every time I see it. It'll be my first F/W purchase.
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Oh, I forgot to answer the Bedford questions. The All Wool Grey Herringbone Bedford is $520. The weight and fit are spon on!

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Originally Posted by IndependenceChi View Post

love this print.
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Reversible Brookline Jacket - Black
USN Pants - Dark Navy Cavalry Twill

Button Shawl - Dark Navy 12oz All Wool Flannel
Bedford Jacket - Grey Wool Herringbone
USN Pants - Dark Navy Cavalry Twill

I folded the shawl in the neck to make it look like a hood, only the two top buttons are buttoned, that's probably how i'm gonna wear it, that and backwards.

Had a lovely time in New York, such a great city. Left Nepenthes with:
19th Century BD Shirt - Black
Tab Collar Shirt - Black/White Floral
Classic Shirt - Black/Red Tartan
Liner C/D - Black/White Floral / Big Polka Dot
Matt Pants - Olive
USN Pants - Dark Navy Cavalry Twill
Reversible Brookline Jacket - Black
Button Shawl - Dark Navy 12oz All Wool Flannel
Needles - Rebuild BDU Vest

Probably also picking up the Andover in grey wool polka dot print to wear with all the above black and white stuff.

As for the shawls, I think the standard Button Shawls are a perfect size, the Over Shawls are much larger and heavier, also much longer in the back (worn forwards), too big for me I think.
S fit me well in all the shirts this season but I had to pick a medium in the Tab Collar. The S was too short in the sleeves and too tight in the body for me. It may be worth to keep that in mind if you're about to place an order online. Also, the Matt pants are fcking killer.
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Love the second fit. Button shawl looks really good.
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I agree, love that second fit. What can you say about the herringbone Bedford? Is it lined? How's the fabric weight? Fit? I've always wanted a wool herringbone Bedford, really considering one this year but it will mean getting rid of a few other things to make room...and by room I mean money.
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I don't know if this helps but I'll try my best. If you're familiar with the Truman from FW12 this might help a bit. The fabric is pretty thick and heavy, I'd say it's a little bit heavier than the Truman Herringbone from FW12 but not as heavy as the Camo Bedford from the same year. I'm sorry but I can't remember if it's lined, I think it isn't but I'm not sure. I only tried it on with the button shawl in the store. The fabric is limber and moveable, not stiff. The herringbone pattern is not as clear as on the Truman from FW12. It felt roomy, I'm pretty sure I could layer a cardigan/liner beneath without it getting too tight. I tried my usual EG outerwear size, Medium. The overall fit is like your typical EG Bedford though I'd say. Hope this helps a little.
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