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Originally Posted by tjonesd2 View Post

Looking for an XL western shirt if anyones thinking of selling ^_^

We have some Western Shirts on sale right now, so give the store a call and see if we can assist you. 617-547-2067

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Does anybody know if Nepenthes NYC goes further than the current 30-50% discount?

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Looking for a classic shirt in navy , size Medium if anyone sees one!
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F/W 14 is coming...

Photo courtesy of Threads and Needles
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foo.gif(I need a grey homespun tweed cpo)
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Originally Posted by JRS1979 View Post

Is this season's Field Parka true-to-size, or better to size down one?
Anyone assist with this? Does it fit smaller than previous seasons' versions? Thanks in advance.
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Hey guys, we're about a week into our sale now, but there's still plenty of great EG left over here! I threw together some quick imgur albums organized by size to show what's still available. Please forgive the usual phone quality pics- We've been pretty busy so it's the best we can do at the moment.






And a handful of pants: (28-34)

The albums have the sale prices outlined immediately below the images, but for any detailed information regarding season, fabric, etc., it's much easier to get info by contacting us directly. Try calling us at the store @ (617) 547-2067 or e-mailing Gary ( or myself ( for anything relevant to the sale or to checkout. (Hint: Since it's a busy time at the store, a phone call will always get you the fastest service, as we're probably on the floor much more than in the office.)

It's worth mentioning that we have a VERY limited selection of Post O'Alls from seasons ago at 50% - Literally just some small and medium shirts - and a great selection of some really cool Universal Works stuff across the board from this season at reduced prices.

Thanks as always, everyone!
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i thought maybe this would maybe be the place to ask. i'm looking at the needles brown floral string pant ( and i'm normally a small in everything but they're sold out. sizing for a medium says 31-33, but the waist is drawstring. is 31 with it most pulled in? or would it be possible for me to get them and not have them be entirely too big. the leg opening also jumps from 8.25" to 9"...


also maybe i'm just tired but are they ugly? they seem kinda cool to me but at the same time kind of off putting idk 

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@nevergreen Yeah 31 is likely with the drawstring pulled in.  From the pictures I've seen those are a pretty baggy - straight fit, no taper.  I've seen the fabric in person (on the matching jacket) and its fine, very light and summery - but yeah combined with the fit they're like loose cut pajamas basically... which can be cool, depends on what you're into.  Much as I love Needles I think they've done better/ more interesting pieces tbh.

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I think those would look dope if you cuffed them a few times and wore them with some loafers and an untucked 19th Century BD
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I think they're good for lounging and quick outings, they're basically pleated pajama pants, personally not to fond of that particular pair thou
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@Lorcan7 thanks for the info

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Is serge wool good for so cal nights?
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Do EG shirts come in size XS? Size S measurements look a little big for me.

Could anyone compare the fit/sizing of an EG shirt to a Uniqlo slim fit OCBD shirt?
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yes, depends.
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