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Huh, I a m5'8'', 36 chest and I found Size Small Andover and Truman to be slim fitting, and tight when I wear a sweater underneath. Is Bedford much more roomier cut than those two blazers?
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Def roomier than andover, just a tad so vs truman ime, the thing is that its not just the body but also the sleeves are norrower/roomier so restraint in the armholes varies significantly even though regular measurements dont vary too much.
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CPO is a great fit , only issue is sides are cut quite high , lovely material ..

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I've heard of taller peeps sewing the sides down a bit, but never had that issue personally.
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now I'd like to find a Cruiser in the Herringbone , Odin only has large , anyone noticed a store with xl in it ?

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Plus the jackets in wool herringbone has a lot of stretch (atleast the fw12 Truman, but I would guess this years Bedford too). For example, I'm 5'9" 41" chest and can wear my herringbone Truman in small with a shirt beneath even though it fits a little tight and I would prefer a medium, and that jacket is 19" p2p. I wouldn't be able to do that if it was in heavy whipcord or some other stiff fabric without stretch.
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Originally Posted by Shingles View Post

Got my eyes on that one too but waiting for the sales, maybe picking up the duffle coat as well.
What size did you go? I'd appreciate fit pics if you want to post that!

I would've waited for the sales too, but was hoping to get a few wears out of it this season while it's still chilly down here in Melbourne.

I went with my usual EG sizes - large jacket and 34 pants. Last year I had to size up with the herringbone knit bedford, but found that this year is more TTS. The measurements on Gentry were probably the most accurate I thought. Jacket is a good fit for me, bit slouchy in the body but I like that. Pants are true in the waist and slim in the legs, certainly more slim than most other EG pants I have.

Gentry have the Navy LDT vest and Irving pants on sale right now for about 20% off. Just picked up the vest to complete the suit.
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I was wondering if anyone could please help me... I would like to know if the Mixed Multicoloured Plaid LDT Jacket and the Navy Wool Uniform Serge LDT Jacket are made from similar wools and do they have the same stretch? Replies will be appeciated~

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Bear in mind I haven't handled either fabric but:


the uniform wool serge, as the name suggests is a durable wool used for uniforms.  Metcalf Brothers - who make the fabric - also supply fabrics for police and military use.  The mixed plaid is a flannel.


Although they overlap with the LDT they're used quite differently elsewhere in the collection -  the uniform serge for the field parka and coverall jacket (tough workwear style jacket) - whereas the mixed plaid wool flannel is used for the button shawl and classic shirt (and a dress in the FWK line) - things that need more softness and drape.  I'd guess the uniform serge is tougher and has less stretch.

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Anyone know who has the light grey windowpane LDT vest in medium?
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just got the andover/cinch back suit in from cantstyleace. awesome pieces. will post fits later this week hopefully, but it's everything i wanted. ahhhhhhh. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif it doesn't help the eg addiction that everything i get is so friggin awesome.
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ime it only ever gets worse, enjoy!!!
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Has anyone attempted the darkside of fwk?
Does daiki really cut/shape these items differently for women? Is this a viable option for the smaller men amongst us?
If so, any suggestions as to what 1 2 or 3 correspond to in mens sizing? (Blazers & outerwear)
If not, sorry to waste everyones time, regardless of their familial relation to mr suzuki.
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imho I dont think they're cut exactly the same, maybe some items are but the ones I've tried not really and a size 2 = slightly roomy xs, size 1 = really slim and a bit cropped xs, size 0 = foggettaboutit
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Hey guys just wondering if anyone has tried on/bought both the LDT jacket and the uniform serge bedford this season? Just wondering what the comparative fits are like? The large LDT is a perfect fit for me, but I had to size up FW12 for the knit bedford.. Have been eyeing off a navy bedford for a couple of seasons..


Thanks in advance

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