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Bespoke shoemaker in HK>>!

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it's called Mayer Shoes...

Mayer Shoes
Mandarin Oriental Hotel
5 Connaught Road
Tel: 852 2524 3317
"This Hong Kong establishment, which turns out custom men's and women's shoes and boots of every imaginable design, counts a series of former colonial governors, local tycoons, and foreign big shots (like Henry Kissinger) as loyal customers. The cobblers here are true wizards: If you bring in a photo of a pair of pumps or lace-ups you like, they can re-create them in just a few days. There's a good stock of fine leathers and exotic skins to choose from, in a full spectrum of colors; the fancier materials can be pricey. A pair of loafers in, say, alligator will set you back about $900."

any lucky ones got them tested??
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Somebody already mentioned that there are better establishments in HK over Meyer. That being said, I went to that shop last year and met the proprietor. Very nice guy. He offered to copy the Santoni bluchers I was wearing using Alligator skin for a very friendly ransom. I have a couple of friends who are repeat customers of Meyer's and they are very satisfied with the price to quality point.
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well i use another shoemaker in hong kong called dophen[/u] the shop is in mirador mansion in TST many old and ugly shoes but i visited the workshop and are a fairly good customer of his couple of my friends have ordered too ..........the result is mixed first pair was awful fit and ths style was not to my liking (kinda my fault on that one) but afterward once we understood each other the shoes came out great and the value for money is incredible a welted shoe with french calf on your last will set you back a ridiculous 150$ US and another 25$ US for a matching belt in the same leather delivery time il also incredible compare to what you get anywhere else.....fitting in 3 days and delivery 3 days later (thanx to a lot a visiting customers who cant wait....)again its all in the comunication and your ability to pass your message across to the guy once that is done like me you wont be able to get out of those bespoke HK shoes btw alligator shoes is around the 500$ US mark at dophen for that price you can buy an alligator belt at DOMENICO VACCA on madison......
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$150 for a pair of calfskin bespoke shoes??????
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I have a pair of oxford made by Mayer, thay are fine, fit well (after 3 fittings).
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I don't think they are "bespoke" in the sense that they make you a pair of new last. They used the last they already have and made some adjustment to fit you feet.
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ok let me get this straight in their workshop which i have personally visited they have stacked upon stacked of lasts
their secrets to make those shoe last cost efficient is just plain ingenious: they buy regular sho lasts in america in stock sizes made in cedar and other hardwood then if say you are a 10 they will take an 11 or 12 sized last and chop it down to your fit and details of your foot
i've seen my last more than once i can guarantee its not stock sized shoes
for the leather its even easier to check its not ready made or other tricks......
they have instore stocks of calfs and crocodile skins try ons and finished shoes all leathers are ''brut'' or unfinished not polished and only then properly fitted and sold
i will post pics of my pairs ASAP
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for those who know HK im sure they understand the difference of price rent between the mandarin hotel in CENTRAL and mirador mansion in TST the rest is simple math'
i've worked at the mandarin for an organization 2 years ago back then before renovation it was already prohibitive and mayer is i agree a much nicer looking store than dophen (especially those H belts and women handbags....) the rest is marketing i truly believe you get the same value at both store but
in fact even at 900$ crocodile bespoke is an incredible deal nonetheless because the real cost of bespoke is the workmanship not the leather and most bespoke operations (which i can count with my ten fingers) are based in relatively high cost country's demand investment etc so with customers in ever increasing numbers prices can only go higher.........
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Actually Mayer don't polish the shoe much, look like "unfinished". You need to polished it by yourself. And their shoe laces are worst, they told me that they can't source the good laces. But, I find a pair very easily at Theatre Lane, just 5 mins walk away.

By defintion, I think it is more like a MTM than bespoke.

They also not good in the "detail", making a tradtional oxford would be fine.

One more thing, their men shoes is much better than ladies shoes, my wife shoes broken at the first day of wear! Both heels come off! Actually, the first hour of wear! They also can't get the size right. My wife fitted more than 5 times for her pairs! And it come off the first day! She said she will never make another pairs from them.

Luckily, my pair is just fine.
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oops, I mix it up, Dibenetto is not talking about Mayer. Sorry guys.
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Any other makers of leather accessories like belts, wallets, cases? I may go to HK this coming winter.
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well first for fishball i understand your wife i would never trust a shoemaker after something like that period..... women's shoes is somewhat more delicate to get right in every sense because the structure is much more complicated much thinner and comfort much harder to get right especially with heels (any height).........
for mens shoes even if i defend strongly my guy because i think his giving outstanding value there is certain places where he lacks immensely.......(he uses some glue beside the nailing process in the heel and i can see some space between the heel and sole the {the front of the heel not the polished back and sides...} and he probably uses all kind of ''tricks'' to get the shoes right without making himself crazy........

sizing and styling is well ''delicate'' to say the least for everything bespoke ot MTM in hong kong even by the best (i was reading about YAO suits and comparison with CHAN on aaac well it seems not everybody get what they want at CHAN even if the quality is outstanding and YAO can also miss.....)
for me the answer to all that is a bit of luck a lot of communication and explaining some pics and samples etc but once you do get something right its perfect and incredible in value thank god for me i have the time,patience and passion to get it right actually im picking up a pair of narrow loafers in brown calf next week by dophen in hong kong
i chose the color specifically so that it will age beautifully with the shines on pedder street by those 2 old fellas that do an outstanding job really.....for 20 HKD its a steal.....

for those looking into leather accessories dophen does some wallets belts leather bags its a bit expensive even if its good value.........
i had a 12 years old longchamp handbag that my mother held dear reproduced in a french red calf coming from guess where: france (the red is very specific and done only in france its very classic elegant and balanced LANCEL makes it from time to time and according to DOPHEN the piece i chose was the last one and the company was liquidating and going out of business when he bought the ''peau'' {yea sorry ''leather skin'' sounds wrong for a frenchie} anyways
as i repeat over and over again in hong kong you dont trust '' l'artisan '' for his taste but for his hands dont look at the store display dont listen to his speech bring a design chose a material and have it made and dont claim victory until you are coming for a new order......
there is another shoemaker just next door to DOPHEN who makes a lot of women handbags and is slightly more expensive on the shoes and with a secret weapon: he has shagreen in stock for shoes and accessories (i promised him to come for some pieces someday........)
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I think we go to the same shoe polish "boy".
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I am surprised people read your posts. I get a headache trying.
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