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Poll Results: Who is the best hooligan?

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    in stitches
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I don't own a single teal thing other than a pocket square, so no Jags for me. I'll go with something different:
My college football team.

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Florida Gators
(Green square as gator head logo)


Angry Coach Muschamp! (a/k/a/ his usual mood)
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Originally Posted by Monkeyface View Post

Sure, you can use an old pic if you don't have time, but a new one is preferred.

nice fits guys, this is fun.
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Originally Posted by in stitches View Post

nice fits guys, this is fun.

YAY! icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif

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Nice, estitchy! So far I think that represent well the team. nod[1].gif

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Extremely tough challenge for me, given my team's colours. They're not exactly conducive to putting together a classic tailored look...





Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


Big weekend coming up for Arsenal: we need win to ensure a Champions League spot for next year, plus there's a remote chance of forcing a playoff against Chelsea for 3rd spot. First we need to beat Newcastle on Sunday though; a repeat of the 7-3 scoreline from earlier this season - the photo below to illustrate the team colours is actually from that match - would be just fine!




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well, you done very well with it.
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Oh, don't get me wrong, I had fun with it! And thanks! But it was difficult. For example, I also thought about using the red trousers I wore earlier this week again, with a white shirt, cream linen jacket and either the red tie or a solid navy blue one... but somehow it didn't quite get the shades of the colours right. The off-white suit with the striped shirt and red tie felt closer to the balance of colours in the actual kit.


ETA: just had a chance to browse everyone else's entries so far. Some really good inventive interpretations. Clapey is still my fave, but O's put in a particularly stonking effort with his colours too.

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I will be the Yin to Crusty's Yang and ... er, hold on ... perhaps I should rephrase....

In any event, this is likely a DQ anyway, because I didn't go into the office today (still not back to full time), but if I had, this is what I WOULD have worn.

photo IMG_2031_zps066fc13a.jpg

Does it work as an outfit? Probably not.

Do all the PINSTRIPES give you a sense of what I was aiming for? Hopefully
Who is the winningest team in sports, having won more league titles than anyone anywhere in any country or league?/ (Click to show)
The Yankees.

And HF: LOVE the Arsenal fit.
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Clap is my favourite so far. Had expected a few supporters of SSC Palermo to show their colours smile.gif
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Nice, Holdfast. I used to be an Arsenal fan (when Bergkamp played there), then a Man United fan (when Van Nistelrooij played there), then Arsenal (Van Persie) and now Man United again (guess who?). smile.gif
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the yankees blow chunks. smile.gif
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Originally Posted by Orgetorix View Post

What team is it? (Click to show)


That's really well done, O. Senator Tressel would be proud.
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