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Can this shirt be saved?

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The stain is from either a dessert wine (bright red) or sangria, not sure. Somebody brought this onto the dance floor and needless to say, accidentally spilled it on me. Is there any way to save this shirt, if so, what would be the best way? 


I immediately put some water on it in the restroom but haven't been able to do anything now, a day after. It's cotton with pinstripes. 


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Welcome to Styleforum.
Consider this shirt a write off. With that in mind, you are free to experiment. Once upon a time, I went through the exact same problem. I mixed a very mild bleach water solution (1/4 cup ...or was it 1/2 cup of bleach to 2 gallons of water, or a plastic tub of water.) Mixing the solution thoroughly, I placed the shirt into the water. Let it sit for several hours. Repeated the process. The stain was completely gone. Note- when the bleach is mixed with water, stick your fingers into it. If you feel a slimy sensation, there is too much bleach so add more water. Be sure to run your fingers thoroughly under fresh water to remove the slimy sensation. Proceed with care. This worked out for me, also on a pencil striped shirt. before engaging, wait for more responses here. If you choose to try it, do so at your own risk. I can only speak for my own results. God luck. and if it works out, post 'after' photos and be sure to rinse the shirt several times after the bleachy water treatment.

Another thought...OxyClean may work.
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Wow that's a mean stain. I'd probably just let go of it, save yourself the trouble and just buy a new one.
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Bring it to a professional laundry/dry cleaner. They'll know what to do.


I once spilled a glass full of red wine on my light-colored shirt. Tried all home remedies, and nothing happened. Brought it to the cleaners and, after a week, my shirt was as good as new.

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Probably best to burn it and buy a new one.

You may find something amongst proprietary stain removers to try to remove it but I doubt it would be satisfactory on such a large area.
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Thanks guys. I did further research and decided to try a few things involving club soda, salt, and white wine. I would say 50% of the stain is gone, but what's left is still a lot. It's now gone to the dry cleaners. Remembering that this shirt actually is a "dry clean" only, I didn't want to do too much to aggravate the thread fibers. The cleaners (very well reviewed on yelp) seemed confident they could take it out, but of course with no guarantees. Will post back what happens. 

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Is the shirt white? If the cleaners can't get the stain off and the shirt's white you can always try bleach (not the best for fabric but better than having to throw it away!)
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Ended up making 3 trips to the dry cleaners and got 99% of it removed. They said they did a mix of dry cleaning and spot removal. 

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By again and again dry cleaning,it  may reduce its brightness.

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The stain still reads.
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What kind of shirt is this that it is dry-clean only? Is it 100% cotton?
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The shirt is dry clean only and 100% cotton. 


Interestingly, the camera brought out the remaining pink more than I can see it in person. I've tried looking at the shirt in multiple lights and it's much less visible than the picture turned out. 


And yes, the dry cleaners told me that as I bring it back for future cleanings, the stain should diminish even further. 


I'm pretty satisfied with the results already though. I've learned that despite failing to do an early response to a stain, a good dry cleaner can still manage to salvage a white dress shirt with pin-stripes and no bleaching. And honestly, I can't see any of the stain anymore (in person) unless I look really closely. Or maybe my eyes are just bad laugh.gif

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The saving grace is your jacket will cover most of the damage so if you can live with it, fine, though I myself would be unwilling to accept this. Your cleaners did however make a noble effort to minimize the stain.
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