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Bad pic, but this is easily one of the best things I've ever made considering how easy it is

Kind of delicious chicken burgers: (Click to show)
Step 1. 1-2 mushrooms, slice em up and fry them together with some pepperoni in a bunch of butter, put to the side
Step 2. Really simple but really good marinade that anyone can do: Water, oil, soy, salt, pepper, paprika, chili, oregano, sugar and a little bit of tomato puree.
Step 3. Put chicken breasts in plastic bag together with marinade and let it do it's thing.
Step 4. Fry the chicken up on medium-heat, when appropiate put on some cheese-slices, mushroooms on top of that, another layer of cheese and pepperoni on top of that
Step 5. Turn off heat and put a plate upside down over the pan so the cheese melts all nice and shit.
Step 6. Apply a nice thick layer of cream cheese on the bottom bun (or both, because why not) before putting your chicken-mushroom-cheese-salami creation in there.
Step 7. Enjoy! (you will, I promise)
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Hot and sour eggplant with urud dal puree

Homemade linguine with white clam sauce

Shirataki noodle with spicy tahini sauce

Tofu with spicy korean pork marinade

Homemade linguine with green garlic and parmesean.

Pot roasted artichokes

Chickpea patties with coconut puree

Chickpea and butternut squash and red onion salad with tahini dressing.

Celery root and potato gratin.

Grilled tofu and charred broccoli and cauliflower.
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I don't get charred broccoli.
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All of that looks fucking excellent.


I like charred broccoli - tastes great!

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Broke vegetarianism to make a pork shoulder for July 4th.

Documented the process on snapchat.

I also made veggie quesadillas

and a pretty sick pasta salad

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Other stuff i've cooked

Roasted Radishes

Vegan Tofu Alfredo

Spring Ramen with shaved asparagus, snow peas, frizzled scallions, mushrooms and half boiled egg

Kimchi Tofu Dumplings

Mushroom lasagna

Cauliflower soup with chives

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protip when making dumplings:

never use a food processor. always cut by hand for best texture.

also use pork belly. foo.gif
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