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oof, looks good
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it taste even better drool.gif
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now I'm craving for a roasted baby piggy from Botin

suckling pig
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I'm in Florence from Sunday... I wonder if @Synthese could recommend a good eatery from his pitti travels nod[1].gif
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Recent stuff I've made:

Sous Vide Pork Chops:

24 Hour Sous Vide Chuck Steak, French Fries, French Onion soup

Pizza Margharita (Batali Recipe)

Korean BBQ Beef Buns

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Sean Brock's Lowcountry Hoppin' John. Totally worth it to spring for Ansom Mills Carolina Gold Rice and Sea Island Red Peas. Seriously the best rice and beans I've ever eaten.
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Gyukotsu ramen experiment! Can't get pork bones out where I live, so decided to see what would happen if I used beef.



Broth after about 20 hours of boiling.


The casualties (Click to show)


Didn't really know exactly what kind/ratio of bones would work best, but I think it was like 6lbs beef marrow bones, 4lbs of chicken and 1.5lbs of oxtail. In hindsight I would have probably upped the oxtail and cut some chicken, could have used a bit more gelatin. Threw in some leeks, onion, ginger and garlic too later in the process, didn't really measure though.


Shoyu tare (niboshi, katsuobushi, kombu, sake, mirin, soy sauce)


Braised pork belly chashu



Chilled and sliced (featuring egg marinated in the braising liquid)



Toppings! (Clockwise from top left) Ajitsuke tamago, nori, green onion, kikurage, moyashi. Kikurage and moyashi were stir fried a little in some soy sauce and sesame oil.



Money shot! Unfortunately I only got a picture of the last bowl (mine) so there's only chashu shavings lol.


All in all though, probably won't do beef again. It's really rich and creamy, and cutting it with chicken bones (which I added later after realizing exactly -how- rich it was) makes it just not quite ideal for ramen. There might be some better formulation of bones/aromatics, but don't think I really care to keep experimenting. Pork is king.

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