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For a mass market out-of-the-bottle product, Stubbs brand BBQ sauce is surprisingly good.
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Originally Posted by Biggskip View Post

For a mass market out-of-the-bottle product, Stubbs brand BBQ sauce is surprisingly good.

I work in the food industry and I'd say BBQ sauce is one of the few items that is as good or better made in large, controlled batches. All of the ingredients are already processed and handle heat just fine so nothing is really lost.
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grilled barbecue pig's ears are the best, just saying
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Grapefruit Soda >>>> Lemon-Lime Soda
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is Los Altos Grill any good? Are they friendly to those who have dairy allergy/lactose intolerance?

I'm just recovering from a bad breakout after a crappy diet and I'd hate to start the cycle again. I know this maybe a crappy attitude to have but its literally the only thing I think about when I dine out. I like to keep a clear complexion...

@cyc wid it you been?
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Never been. Yelp reviews look solid though. Apparently used to be called Bandera's? I grow up in Los Altos Hills and have never heard of either.
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Supposedly Los Altos Grill is very popular and reservations all booked. Office offered an alternative dining spot, San Pedro Square Bistro & Wine

Why couldn't it be Japanese or Korean?? I like American but it's hard for me to appreciate when my diet limits me to the food items
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I've never been to Los Altos Grill fwiw. Are you looking for other suggestions in the area?
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Just curious and didn't want to go off topic in the RFT redface.gif

I don't eat out a lot
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One way to make better lunch decisions is to ALWAYS eat breakfast in the morning. That way, by lunch you can make a smart choice instead of one out of severe hunger and desparation. It is always good to eat foods higher in protein and fiber and less on the carbohydrates. Eggs, yogurt, and fruit are foods that contain high levels of fiber.

Shakes are a popular recommendation because they are also low in sugar and high in protein. Shakes are easy to make, take less time to prepare, and also allow you to blend all the proper food groups; from carbohydrates, to proteins, to fibers – your body will thank you and you’ll feel great. Plus, you can take it on the go, therefore you can premake a shake for lunch and keep it in the office fridge for a satisfying meal.

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I'm in Fort Collins, Denver, boulder, vail for a few days

Any recs food and travel wise?
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Cold buckwheat summer soba with ginger soy vinaigrette

6 tbs soy sauce
sugar (I use 2 tbs, add or reduce to taste, upwards of 4 tbs will still be delicious)
3 tbs sesame oil
3 tbs rice vinegar
2-4 tbs of water, depends on how strong you want it. I prefer stronger (2 tbs of water) since the noodles will dilute the flavor anyways
bit of dark soy sauce, not too much or it will overwhelm everything
grated/minced ginger, to taste. i like getting the kick of ginger, so i leave small chunks of it


sesame seeds
korean pepper powder (don't overdo it.. it's a summer meal afterall)

put it in a bowl and whisk



buckwheat soba noodles (dunk in ice water after making)
bell pepper
sliced green onions
sliced fried tofu
soft boiled quail egg (about 2 - 2.5 min in a cold start boil, 4 min to hard boil, don't overdo it or it will be chalky)
enoki mushrooms
fresh mung bean sprouts

you can add whatever the fuck you want on these noodles. I sometimes do soy glazed shiitake mushrooms, sliced tomatoes, thin sliced egg crepe, poached egg, cold seafood does well (shrimp & calamari are A+++), etc. etc. Make it your own!

my favorite dish to eat in the summer. very easy to make and also very cheap if you make it vegetarian. If you are feeling rich you can add seafood. With cold noodles I like to play with textures: crunch from fresh bell pepper and bean sprouts, the pop and ooze of soft boiled quail eggs, softness of buckwheat noodles.
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Gary Danko this weekend. As a lifetime bay area resident, I've never been - kind of gone out of my way to avoid it TBH. Anyone been recently? I'll probably pick a 3 items a la carte as the reservation is late in the evening.

If I'm really missing out on the tasting menu, I'm not opposed, but yeah. The wine list is also highway robbery, so I'll probably just bring some champagne and call it a day.
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why would you avoid it if it's good? and if it isn't why would you go dawg?
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