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Originally Posted by nicelynice View Post

Haha I promise my life isn't that interesting, I spend most of my time in my house in my underwear talking to you guys

You make it sound like its a bad thing
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as a wannabe amateur baker I really appreciate the scenes where he's baking his loaves. As a butter-hater, however, I'm not so thrilled with the rest

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You need butter for baking, just like you need fat for flavour in meat.

There's famous cooking show on tv here, which catchphrase is "plenty of butter".
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of course I use butter for baking, I just meant I hate is as a garnish, tastes gross to me (I also dislike milk as a drink)

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Oh like that, both are disgusting on their own.
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Spent the long weekend in Sapporo with a friend and basically went on a 24 hour miso ramen binge after looking up some of the famous shops. Even though I went at weird hours there was always a line out the door at every place.


First stop in the evening after I got off the plane was Sumire, one of the original shops that made Sapporo's miso ramen so famous. Easily the best miso ramen and broth I've ever had, perfect balance of oil and other flavors (especially the ginger). My only regret is not ordering extra chashu to go on top.



Took a small break the next morning and went to the fish market for breakfast.



Back to ramen for lunch at Ichi Ryu An. Took forever to find since it was in the basement of some unmarked office building and only had 8 seats. Overall it was a really well put together bowl with some really nice high quality ingredients. Felt like a slightly modern take on traditional greasy street ramen. Cool atmosphere too, played a mix of Beatles songs while we ate.



Dinner was at Junren, Sumire's sister shop, and pretty much the only place that was open at 9pm when we finally felt hungry enough to eat again. Still had to wait almost half an hour to be seated though. I also made the huge mistake of accidentally ordering the large bowl from the ticket machine that takes your order. You can't really tell in the picture, but I'm pretty sure the bowl was a ridiculous 10" in diameter. It was also the oiliest and heaviest soup of the three. Definitely the worst possible choice to accidentally get a large bowl in. Delicious, but after finishing the entire bowl it was all I could do to get back to the hotel and food coma until my morning flight back to Tokyo.



Basically swore off ramen for at least a week right after that experience.


... I only lasted a day. (Click to show)


Walked by an abura soba place on the way home from work today and couldn't resist.


I may have a problem.

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