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Where to shop in Japan?

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Hello all!


Hope this is the right place to ask. I already posted in tfe lifestyle section and I was directed here. I'm going to Japan for a week. Please suggest me some brands and shops and department stores for men.


I'm a 25 year old single guy and I need some clothes! Preferably Japanese brands, not too cheap (ex: uniqlo) but not too expensive either... I like minimalism with a bit of individualism.


Please suggest some stores, brands, etc.!



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Here are some of the best Dept Store in Japan


Laforet is to Harajuku as 109 is to Shibuya. Gentlemen beware: this is where the colour pink was invented, and ambient giggles confirm the patrons' predilections for anything frilly, furry, fuzzy or cutesy.

Tobu Although most of Tokyo's depāto are located in and around Ginza, you'll find a few shopping behemoths in Ikebukuro, including Tobu. In general, the prices here are noticeably lower than in Ginza since the real estate is cheaper. Tobu's worth a visit for its vast basement depachika, boasting the cheapest sashimi in town (come at 7pm when prices are halved).

Though I suggest you roam Japan yourself so you can identify which store you like the most. It would be fun to roam around and find the best store for you. ;)



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united arrows is the place to shop
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thanks for all the suggestions.. i'm really excited! i'll be traveling solo for 1 week in tokyo

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