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Destroyed Loake Oxford Shoes (Removing liquid polish?)

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I've picked up a used pair of Loake mid-brown oxford shoes. Seeing as there were some major scuffs around, I nonchalantly used kiwi instant shine liquid wax polish I had at hand. BIG mistake. It left a messy splattered finish across the shoes. In my haste I thought I'd rub a wet cloth over hoping it'd absorb it or soak it, but the liquid polish has become a layer waterproofing agent and it just won't budge! Also attempted a few courses of leather conditioner and neutral polish cream which didn't remove anything. (Not entirely sure of the quality of the shoes itself despite the brand, and line tag of "Loake Business")


I have read about using acetone as a harsh treatment. I tried a bit of nail polish remover at the heel but it has clearly removed the finish dye despite a very minimal touch. What advice could members give me to restore these shoes? Just persist and polish over them with proper brown polish wax/cream and disguise the horrid mess beneath? Or completely strip it bare with acetone, then polish it or maybe even dye it (im thinking black would be easy)?


Suggestions and comments are wholly welcome and appreciated!






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Have you tried washing the shoes with saddle soap or leather cleaner?

Acetone will remove the finish, and with it the liquid polish, and will not ruin the shoes, in my experience. That said, you'll want to redye them once you've removed the finish.

I've had success using rubbing alcohol (highest percentage), peroxide, and mineral spirits for jobs where I didn't want to completely lose the finish -- though I don't remember which worked the best. Follow with cream and wax and you should be a-ok.
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Cheers. Not tried saddle soap yet, should pick some up. Leather cleaner didn't do anything unfortunately.


When I used nail polish remover (substitute for acetone) it removed the dye/finish underneath the liquid polish strangely rather than lifting the liquid polish itself where it did not move one bit! Quite frustrating as the leather itself is in decent condition. Makes me wonder what is in the liquid polish that makes it so stubborn to get rid of.


Ill try the rubbing alcohol. Would plain white spirit be alright? Followed by deep conditioning, and redye or polish.

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.....great shoes, but I fear that you've fxcked up. I've heard that alcohol can help.

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Turns out a lot of elbow grease in rubbing (almost scratching) very hard with a dry cloth got rid most of this thick waxy layer with a few specks remaining. But now there is some fading on the the actual dye finish due to the friction of rubbing! Was recommended the rubbing alcohol strip, redye method at a cobblers and then at another thankfully suggested this idea. Hopefully lots of shoe cream, polish would cover these patchy areas and salvage these shoes. Would judicious application of shoe cream eventually 'dye' and absorb into the shoes themselves over time (rather than layered, sitting on top of it like wax polish)?

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Suggestions and comments are wholly welcome and appreciated!

Welcome to Styleforum lebouche.
Whatever you did to your right shoe, do the same to the left.
Spectacular patina forming. I am serious. Consider this a happy accident and go with it. The more of this, the better. Then they will be consistent and you'll be suprised how this will get you compliments. Some men pay extra to have this done to their shoes.
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