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Surly someone can help me here!

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Hey everyone,

A little while back i posted in the Watch Appreciation Thread but no one really helped.

So now I'm creating this thread so that someone can tell me a bit about this watch..


So my Dad got it back in Switzerland in the late 80's early 90's.. I obviously know the name of the company but i don't know much about it, history of the company, and possibly the model number of the watch..










Any help would be appreciated! :)

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Disappointed...I thought that someone had finally come here to demand what we have in such ample supply: surly someones.
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This isn't a famous brand like Rolex or Omega so there aren't a lot of collectors keeping a listing of all of their older models. You would probably have the most luck sending an email to the company PR people here http://www.swissmilitary.ch/Main/Contact.html.


For basic history of the company, Google is your friend.


Their main website



Your watch looks like an old model of this except pre-swiss military (1990): So maybe a $400 or 500 dollar watch new, it looks nice enough though.


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Nice looking watch...but It's a quartz battery operated watch.

Based on the threads here, not much loved....try posting on the poor man watch thread

to get some feedback.

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