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Are "premium" socks worth it?

Poll Results: Are "premium" socks worth their price on a quality / longevity basis?

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  • 44% (26)
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Are socks from Marcoliani and other high end, well known makers worth their price? Many range anywhere from $15-$30 for wool and/or cotton ones where as you can get some other brands such as PRL for as little as $3 a piece. I know that the designs offered by some makers are quite better than mall brands, but are they worth the price quality wise?

I've had pairs of Alfanis and PRL that last me years, and have had a pair of Marcoliani that I'm not too pleased with (and vice-versa).

Interested in everybody's thoughts. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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IMO, they aren't, but different strokes....

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For me, the ability to get fitted socks is worth it. I have smaller feet and most '1-size' socks are laughably large. Also, high-quality wool socks were revelatory and I've been slowly replacing most of my old cotton socks with merino wool, even for wear in the summer.

That said, I still have a handful of Gold-Toe as beater socks and I know some of those have lasted me 5 years or more.
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Still trying to find replacement brands for my beloved Falke no.12 sea islands.


Have el cheapo Uniqlos.  They do feel very different.

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In a word yes.  They fit better, feel better, and wear better. 

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Anecdotally, I've never found the $30+ / pair socks to be worth it.  They haven't lasted any longer than my Target 5-packs and I stop noticing the nicer fabric about two minutes after putting them on.  YMMV.

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It is worth to buy a Ferrari ? Suppose (in a different scale, of course) the question is the same.
Why spending 300.000 dollars to have 4 wheels ? You can spend 4.000 dollars to have 4 wheels buying a Bobomanga car made in China... smile.gif
I suppose it is not only a matter of durability (100% nylon socks of course are more durable compared to 100% cotton), but a matter of comfort, fitting and style..
Only a personal opionion of course, as I have a family to feed.. biggrin.gif
buy Premium socks people, buy them all the life !!
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"Is it worth it yes or no answer my poal" is probably intentionally dumb way to ask this.

Maybe you'd like to wear some nice socks, and you're trying to stretch your bucks. Lands End sells some nice over-the-calf socks in navy and gray. Wash them in a net and they'll last a little longer.
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what do you think about paul smith socks quality wise?
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Originally Posted by Magnanimist View Post

In a word yes.  They fit better, feel better, and wear better. 

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I use to buy Paul Smith socks occasionally, but IMO they are way too expensive considering how long they last. Hardly any of the paris I bought lasted more than 15-20 wears. I have had the same experience with Pantherella, but I bought these at a discount. These days I almost only wear a danish brand called Egtved. Sturdy, well-made and reasonably priced.
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Originally Posted by Zeemon View Post

what do you think about paul smith socks quality wise?
I have 6-7 pairs of paul smith socks. All but 1 pairs are made in Italy (others made in Thailand). I like them becos they are really thin and soft. All of them have hand linked toes. Same price they charge for made in Italy or Thailand. They have 2 different cuts. One slimmer than others. But they don't advise which is what. They are one size fit all. So some of them fits bit loose on me.
You will get compliments from strangers everyday when you wear these socks.
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Personally, no. But to be fair, I used to think the same about ties, and I've come around to the importance of high-quality silk and/or six-fold construction, as I've found that the best ties produce a better knot, knot more easily, and look substantially better. Will I have the same change of heart w/r/t socks? I think they are a less visual piece of the wardrobe, so I'm dubious, but never say never . . .
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Interesting comments... seems the majority still feel that they are worth it based on the poll
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I've had really mixed luck with higher priced socks.  I've got a few RLPL socks that are great, but I've had really bad luck with Pantherella.  I picked up about 15 pairs of Pantherellas in the last two years and about a third of them have worn through already.  Meanwhile my Gold Toes that I've had for a few years are chugging along just fine.  For longevity it's not looking good for higher priced socks, to me, anyway.

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