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I have VERY wide feet (almost off the 'scale&#39 and am only a UK size 7. This means that I find it impossible to bring the facings together when lacing a traditional oxford or brogue (high instep too). I usually buy at least a 7.5 in the widest fitting available in order to give me a bit of extra room. Finances won't run to bespoke footwear, so have you got suggestions about high-end manufacturers or specific styles of shoe that might ease my problem? About the most comfortable shoe I've bought recently was a Lobb double-buckle monkstrap in black calf... Thanks for your help.
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Alfred Sargent (which may or may not fit your definition of high end) offers wide shoes (G and H widths) in a line called the Fitzwilliam collection. Try Pediwear or <a href="" target="_blank">Bodiley's[/url]. I'm ordering some for my father, who has wide feet too.
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I have wide feet, too.  I have been looking at British shoemakers' products for some time, and I have yet to find one who carries a shoe I REALLY like in my width. However, if you are willing to look at a US shoemaker, I recommend Alden.  Their standard range of widths for all their styles include EEE, and they may even have EEEE as a standard width (cannot remember off the top of my head).   Very well made shoes
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I have very wide (and flat) feet too.  American shoes like Johnston & Murphy (quality has gone down but that's besides the point) and Alden do offer shoes in wide fitting which can fit me well. I also have a pair of Church's custom grade model "Perth" (the leather is bad and has started to crack but that's another matter) in G fitting which fit me very well. The shoes which fit me the best, however, are made on Edward Green's Last202 in F fitting.  According to EG and other informed forum members here, Last606 in the same width should also fit me well since the major difference between 202 and 606 is the latter having a slightly more squarish toe, which does not affect the fit. All feet are different of course but you may want to give these a try.
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For ready-made shoes, Alden and Allen-Edmonds are probably your best bet. Both have a number of styles available from stock in widths out to EEE or EEEE. I think that most British makers have some of their lasts in very wide widths, but you'd have to do special orders to get them.
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I also have feet like ping pong paddles - my most comfortable shoes are made by Testoni and Moreschi. Not exactly cheap, but you can sometimes find them on Yoox.
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