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Personality and matching colors

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Though I have noticed this more with my wife I find that personality and colors very much should be considered. A color to skin pigment, in my opinion, does not always reign supreme. To whit, an outgoing and vivacious personality goes best with bright and saturated color. Those more reserved are best served by the black and grey color pallet. Your thoughts and or conspiracy theories?
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Livelier people in general can wear more lively colors - honest signaling. However, that doesn't mean more reserved people should wear mostly dull colors; because depending on physical features, that makes some individuals seem anti-social, which rarely is okay even for those who truly are anti-social.
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I think variety is good. I dress conservatively but also find it fun to change it up with a more bold or exciting tie to add a splash of color. ,,I think what makes,it work is that it's an occasional thing, thus making more of a,statement.
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