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Yup the General will always have the RB50.


GP is "Glass Polarizing" a small run of Bausch and Lomb have Polarized lenses, little GP under the Ray Ban logo. Pretty rare (I want a pair) :)

Off Road-One is another special spin off edition. Again, bigger in Malaysia. They did a few special ones for some companies. I'm pretty sure the Off road ones are for the G15 driving series in early 90's.


Fantansees is a hard one... Some of them will have "Fantasees" on the right hand lens up the top. Those that don't, its hard to tell! Other than the fact they are the quickest of all the Bausch and Lomb lenses to darken. They came with a very specific case and box,the lenses are tinted at the top and pretty light.


I don't have much info on the white golds really, you don't see many of them around so yeah pretty rare. I think there is quite a stretch of them in terms of time as I've seen them with quite a few different era marks. I'll have a little hunt and see if I can find out more.

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i conclude i made a nice buy regarding the while gold platted aviator since i paid like 30 pounds for them :-). Not perfect condition, but still acceptable


regarding the GP, there is one on sale on the uk ebay....250 pound though... but NOS. too much for me.


regarding fantasees i found: "You can tell real ultra-gradient lenses of course by how they perform in sunlight, but you'll also note the flash gold mirror finish applied to the upper portion of the rear of the mineral glass lenses"


as for the off road driving one, so i understand its like an existing model, just some more characters on one of the lenses...? so not that interesting maybe?!


and anyway, the driving series...the have TGM lenses. That is still not the same as the chromax lenses right?

For a very good looking driving aviator, what would be a good price/value?




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Yeah that is a good buy!

I've seen the GPs on eBay, they are great but very overpriced.

Hmm, I think it may be a little hard to tell the fantasees just by the back mirror, could be a little general.

Yeah I'm fairly sure the off roads are just B15s with additional writing after the Ray Ban on lens.

That's correct, te driving series are just TGM with B15 lenses, the chromax are B20 lenses. They are like Brown/orange. They are amazing for driving, very much recommended.

You can normally pick up the normal
Driving series sunglasses fairly cheap. I'd keep an eye out for ones that aren't advertised as driving ones, but have the "for driving" case so likely to be B15 tgm but advertised badly!
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Hi musehead, I have a pair of R.B.Wayfarers. Got them at yard sale for 3$. They came w/ a case. However, I don't think they go together. The case is quite old, in bad condition. On the left side it says, NEW Ray-Ban BAUCH AND LOMB a lot of it's worn away. (Sp?) This would seem to imply that these are the "New"(1952) Ray Bans. Mine are old, but probably not THAT old. O.K. Here's the identifying marks; 1.inside of left arm is imprinted "Wayfarer" 2. Inside rt. arm, B&L RAY-BAN USA 3.above rt. eye imprinted B&L 5024 4. On the front of each temple and at the top of each arm are small metal pieces(forgive my ignorance , can't remember what those thangs are called) 5.the lenses have BL on the outside. Hard to see it. 6. The lenses are green/grey w/ no scratches. These glasses are obviously very old, I just don't know if they're 1952 OLD, y'know ? The main reason I am asking about these isn't cos I want to sell 'em as like, "Original, w/ case, Ray-Bans". It's because they are a birthday gift for my friend. I THOUGHT that the above statement was true, and kinda talked 'em up and he got super excited about em... I don't want to find out that the sunglasses are just well-worn ones from the late 60/70's!!! I'd feel terrible!! I'm not used to being online and haven't mastered the art of brevity!!! SORRY!!! Didn't realize how loooong this is!!! Thanks !!! I'm sure for you, this is about as basic as it gets!!! Just wanted to give you as much detail as poss. Thanks again!! KymmyK
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They're not 1952 as the lenses are etched. The earliest they will be is 70s but throw up some pics of the markings so we can have a better look Kymmy and see what we're dealing with.

It sounds as if the glasses themselves are in order with all the relevant markings. Id hazard a guess that technically they are old and they are vintage (more than 25 years old). Being worn adds to the history behind them. Who's worn them? Where have they been? What dark secrets do the glasses hold? :D

So your friend is gonna still be pretty chuffed I reckon. Lucky chap! :fonz:



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Hi there, I dropped my Rayban sunglasses W2962 and wonder where I can buy sparelenses. The opticians here in Sweden claim they are no longer in stock. Thanks in advance
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Originally Posted by RayB65 View Post

Hi there, I dropped my Rayban sunglasses W2962 and wonder where I can buy sparelenses. The opticians here in Sweden claim they are no longer in stock. Thanks in advance


I reckon you have 2 options.


1) Give Luxottica a call and see whether or not they still produce the same style. If they do they may have spare lenses.

2) Buy another pair off Ebay.


Hope this helps

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Originally Posted by benn25 View Post

I reckon you have 2 options.

1) Give Luxottica a call and see whether or not they still produce the same style. If they do they may have spare lenses.
2) Buy another pair off Ebay.

Hope this helps

Thanks so much. Will give it a try.
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I just want to ask if this is an original shooter sunglasses.
I found it on our garage. It has the Bausch & Lomb logo on both lenses.



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well its hard to say from just one picture @Jabes but they could be very well if its only the bl etching and no ray-ban on the glasses they will be around late 70s i think
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I have a pair of vintage B&L ray bans and I am looking to find out as much as I can about them from age to price and style. They have B&L ray ban U.S.A. on the bridge and ray ban written in gold on the lens.

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Oosterling, I'm not an authority in any way on B&L Ray-Bans, but I believe you are correct in your dating if the lenses only have an overlapping "BL" near the edges.  Here is a paragraph from an article I saw a while ago about Ambermatic sunglasses, but it mentions the dates logos started:


The Ray-Ban brand was purchased from B&L by the Italian conglomerate Luxottica in 1999 after which no more B&L Ray-Ban Ambermatic sunglasses or shooters were produced. The small etched BL in the ambermatic lenses near the hinge points was not used in Ray-Ban sunglass lens production until the late 1970s, and the cursive white Ray-Ban trademark logo on the lens was introduced in late 1982 and subsequently present on all Ray-Ban sunglasses including Ambermatics from 1983 onward up until the acquisition by Luxottica. These earlier B&L Ambermatic lenses were of much higher quality, changed color faster, and had a wider range of density than anything produced before or since.


Here's what gets me P.O.'d:  You will find people on Ebay selling "vintage" Ray Ban sunglasses with the name "Ray-Ban" written in script on the top of the lens, and represent these as being from the 1970's or earlier!  So to all interested parties interested in buying "vintage" Ray-Bans": do your homework before you buy!  I hope this helps.


P.S. I've been wearing Ray-Ban glasses since the late 1960's (owned over a dozen pairs), and I still have two pairs of Ambermatic "Outdoorsman" left from the early/mid 70's (NO markings on the lenses), and a pair from the late 70's (BL only on the edge of each lens). I know these are real.


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How bout the shooter that i have have posted in the earlier thread sir?
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Like I said before, I admit to being no expert on Ray-Bans (even though I've owned a bunch of them). But I can't tell from the photo you posted, as there is not enough clear detail. You should examine the two lenses for any Bausch & Lomb markings ("BL", etc.), and examine the frame (the temples, under the bridge, what the nose pieces are made of (clear plastic, bakelite, etc.). If the frames and lenses are too deteriorated to read any markings, there's not much you can do.    

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Hello i have just found a Ray Ban with these markings on it and want to know weather it is a real or fake one they have these markings on the top and bottom of the ray ban B & L 58[]14 USA . It is rather an ancient one light green glasses, please advise





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