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Hope you can help. 

Lost one of the glasses in my vintage Ray-Bans. Would like to buy two new glasses but can`t find out wich model this is. They are aprox 18-20 years old.

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Dear expert,


I got Ray-Ban sunglasses purchased in the 80's, and I want to make sure they are authentic.


These are the marks I could find:


1. The famous white "Ray-Ban" logo on the right lens.

2. "B&L Ray-Ban U.S.A" engraving on the external side of the bridge.

3. "B&L Ray-Ban 62[]14 " engraving on the internal side of the bridge.

4. "BL" Laser engraving both on the left and on the right lens (near the arm hinge).

5. "BL" engraving on the metal that holds the nose pads.



Based on that, can you tell whether they are authentic or not?

I'm especially concerned with the fat that the "BL" laser engraving appears on both of the lens (which, as far as I know, ususlly appears on the left lens only).


Appreciate your help!




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@nergock yes some vintage Ray Bans were made in W germany those aviators agentorange posted pics of look authentic.

@Kbrenna1 pm me some pictures please

@ownygaard those look like the lennon vintage ray bans but with a top bar accross the top. Search ebay with vintage ray ban lennon in the description and you'll find a bunch of them.

@ofiry1968 Yes they sound authentic, on Vintage Ray Ban aviators B&L was laser etched on both lens . Modern made in Italy Ray Bans have RB laser etched on one lens
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LMFAO..."Vintage Ray Ban Expert"...
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West Germany models were made of real gold: either 10k or 12k mixed with other metals. If you encounter anything that has this on the paddle, providing they are authentic real vintage ray ban usa, youre in for a rarity
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also: authentic current ray bans are manufactured in China: they have nothing to do with vintage bausch and lomb USA...but if you want to buy sunplastics, go ahead and pick up a pair of those: you are better off buying some shades at the local grocery store if you take that route:

Bausch And Lomb Ray Ban USA is still light years ahead of all the current "sunglass" companies: the technology they came out with for example, in 1987 (ambermatic double sided mirrored anniversary RB-50 lenses) is superior to what competitors and current ray ban has to offer: Think of it as The Beatles Revolver LP being released back in 1966: They set the bar so high, and still no one can reach it. That is why counterfeiting Asians still try to replicate these to the T
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Luxottica Ray Ban are not all polycarbonate lenses. I have a few pair and they all are glass. I have broken lenses on a couple of pairs and they were most certainly glass.
I would not have purchased if they were polycarbs. Polycarbonate lenses, even multiple hundreds of dollars reputable ones, scratch in less than a week of my use.
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Hello musehead

I have a pair that my grandmother bought me in 1991. I never actually wore them as I didn't like them much as they have dark green glass but as a kid I wanted the cool mirrored ones that she bought my brother shog[1].gif I've taken them out to see sunlight for the first time in about 20 years.

It is complete with sticker, case and even papers! (All pristine like new in fact). Could you please tell me what model it is as I honestly do not know? I can't see any inscriptions on it but both lenses have BL etched on them.

(I assume it is genuine)

Thanks in advance smile.gif

(Apologies for the specks of dust)
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yes: not all are "polycarbonate" lenses...but the glass they are using is cheap...easily breakable.
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chuckie those are regular G 15 green glass aviators. very common. simple. its a basic model ray ban luxottica replicates/designs today. just sayin
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Thanks Tom. All these years and I never knew so it's good to know. shog[1].gif  Oh well, back inside the drawer they go!

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no problemo, Chuckieee
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I can't see any inscriptions on it but both lenses have BL etched on them.


Whoops... correction - i just had a closer look and there is actually engraved inscriptions on the bar, top and bottom.


B&L   RAY-BAN    U.S.A

B&L   RAY-BAN    58 [] 14


Never noticed before!  shog[1].gif  In my defense, very difficult to see unless looking for it.

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@chuckie egg yup those are g-15's in a black aviator frame. You can sell them on ebay for about 200-250 since they're basically new. They came in a 58mm or 62mm frame. 58's are the more desirable ones (that's what you have), 62's are a bit big imo.
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@saturdays I'm 99% sure they never made them from real tortoise shells.
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