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Wayfarer 1s never had the logo on the temple until luxottica....unless they were a special edition like street neat or leather
The 5024s will give your nose more room
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Originally Posted by Lawrence Pigman View Post

I have two vintage pairs I think are from the 1960s at the latest. On the right side they say B&L RAY-BAN USA. On the left side the say WAYFARER. Above the right lens on one pair it says B&L 5022 and on the other pair B&L 5024

They have no Ray-Ban logos on the side, just the same metal oblong metal piece that is on the front. Can you date them? Thanks!

Are the lenses etched?
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@BLRayBanMan where are ypu located? What woukd be your preferred model?
You have collection yourself?
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Originally Posted by BLRayBanMan View Post

I feel like the 87-95 period was their peak in terms of quality myself...could just be that that is the period I was immersed in...but I think that's just when they made the world's finest sunglasses

Chromax A30 ACE came first at the market in 96 i think...;-)

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I'm in Pittsburgh...I've only just begun to build a new collection...if I still had all the glasses I lost/destroyed as a youth I could probably pay off college...I'm currently seeking to replace the highlights of the original collection.
I have one pair of tortise wayfarer 2 left from the original batch...they needed a severe refurbishment...turned the matte frames gloss.
Recent additions are grey leather street neat wayfarers, white street neat wayfarers, the explorer drivers,a pair of drifters is on the way, and I got a pair of trad c to give dad for Xmas...he wore those for many years.
My ultimate find would be blue leather caravans with changeable grey lenses.
Also in the market for sport series 3, and have my eye on some vagabonds
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Good solid start!
Im mostly into aviators but have some other models as well.

Never had caravans though
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I meant sport series 1
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Originally Posted by BLRayBanMan View Post

I meant sport series 1

Look at this on eBay http://www.ebay.com/itm/381726552813

Ray Ban Galloway are pretty rare, similar lens, not glass thoough..
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I haven't collected any wings due to poly lenses....those are pretty sweet tho....rare as s#$t
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Here's a cool pair from dads stash
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Hey blraybanuk ...ever seen one of these?[IMG][IMG][IMG]
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Dunno why it only posted 1 of 4 photos...
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Me neither :-))
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I have three vintage B&L Ray ban sunglasses that are all different styles and am wondering what they're now worth. Can you help?

The first pair is a maroon leather and gold trim aviator style. The retail sticker says G-15 LENS / Worldwide Sponsor 1996 Olympic Games. The Ray Ban logo is white and on the left lens on the top left corner and a BL is etched on the side.

The second pair is an all black round frame/lens. The retail sticker also says G-15 Lens but does not have the Olympic Sponsor details. Ray Ban logo is white and BL is also etched on the side.

The third is a brown tortoise club master with a very dark brown lens, almost black. The Ray Ban logo on the lens is a gold/tan color and BL is stamped on the side.


Can anyone tell me the worth of each of these?

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