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Hi musehead
I have an original rayban outdoorsman precious metals titanium. With original and mint b&l lenses. 62mm. Any idea what pricing this vintage second hand could do?

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Hi. You are just the person I am looking for. I have a old pair of B&L Ray-Ban aviators. They were found in the glove box in an old VW camper bus still with their original case and tag. I quickly grew to love them. The ray ban words are not painted on the right lens like they usually are, but they are obviously authentic. Green gradient density lenses with mirror coating. Gold frames. Have markings on the top that say "B&L Ray-Ban USA" on them, and under the bridge they say B&L 1/10 12K GF.  Well.. as you can see, I broke one of the lenses to my utter despair, and I am looking to see what my options are for possible lens replacement, or, short of that, to find a pair from the same era as these. I don't know if these are the same lenses as the 3025 model, or how to determine what size they are. Do regular aviator 58mm lenses fit these? Green lenses without the mirror coating would probably be the ideal lenses for me, but I liked them the way they were as well. If you can help me with this it would be appreciated greatly. I love these shades dearly. I liked that they did not have the brand name on the lenses, and I really want to fix them!

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Hi Musehead,

I wanna ask you about vintage rayban case.is there any mark on his button head?not front case but back side.coz i see some case with no mark on it,some with victory mark and dot cheery mark.i believe you see many type of rayban case whether is original or fake.sorry if my english is bad.

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Just gonna jump in here again, as there are a lot of questions on here going unanswered and I don't check here often. If anyone wants to email me direct about any questions, particularly about aviator ray ban styles then feel free. Email address is youtubejacs@hotmail.co.uk or YouTube channel mmafia1

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Only mark on button is on the front and it is a red triangle shaped mark.

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I have figured out these are 55mm 3025 aviators I believe. Ones made prior to when the started putting the white cursive brand name on the right lens and also prior to the laser etching on the lenses. So what I need to find, is a pair of replacement lenses that are green, unmirrored or mirrored, but without the white cursive logo. I would be ok with getting ones with the laser etching on them. Anyone know where I can find some? Thx. D

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mmafia1 I tried to email you but it did not accept the email address.

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I'm thinking of purchasing a pair of B&L sunglasses on ebay, but I have some doubts whether they genuine or not.

Here is the item description: They are embossed with B&L on the left lens and embossed on top of frame with B&L RAYBAN USA they are 20+ years old ,they are gold with brown lenses.


Now I've read that both lenses and the bottom of the bridge part of the frame and the nosepads should also have B&L /  B&L RAYBAN USA. In this case I only know that one of the lenses does have B&L on it. Could these still be genuine, or should I pass on them?

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Originally Posted by Idkleine View Post

mmafia1 I tried to email you but it did not accept the email address.

Sorry, my bad. Just amended the address. Youtubejacs@hotmail.co.uk
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Did Ray-Ban start to use laser etch at the beginning? Or they first used chemical/mechanical etching technique.


Some Ray-Ban USA have thin BL being etched on both lens, some have thicker BL on both lens, some have only BL on the right lens. Could you please advise?


The BL signs in attached picture look so thick. Are they fake? I guess that some were "older" so they have not used laser etch which created thinner BL.


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I have a pair of Ray-bans and I am not sure of the value, although I am sure they are vintage and they are worn.  Is there a way to send you a picture to see what you think they'd be worth and if you interested in buying them?



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hi I have got a pair of ray ban generals 50th anniversary 1937-1987 in excellent condition plus case I bought them new.
the question is how much are they worth as ebay prices are very confusing thanks.

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In March of 2009 I went o Orlando and while I was there I bought two pairs (Ray Ban)of the same model but different colors ( Black and Tortoise). Some one broke in to my car an stole my stuff including both sunglasses. I have look all over and have not been able to find them for sale and I do not know the model. I have never seen it anywhere else. I was told "It must have been discontinued". If so I still want to know the model so can search on the net for used ones. Can you HELP ME PLEASE. I don't think I have any pictures of it, but I can describe And I am willing to reward you (I am sure we can work some out) for your services on helping find it.

PS: Here are some tips:
I remember when I bought it the lady at the store told me that it was a new model. So it must've been 2008 or 2009 model.
All plastic frames (except the metal hinges)
The lenses was one large peace outside the frame going over the nose covering both eyes and screwed on from inside out.
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Originally Posted by musehead View Post

I am a self proclaimed expert on Bausch and Lomb aka Vintage Ray Bans. I have a degree in Vintage Ray Ban Eyewear, if you need help or have a question this is the place to get answers. I also buy them if you have a pair or more you want to sell. Cheers.
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Hi Musehead
I came accross this forum when looking for information on a pair of Bausch and Lomb Ray ban sunglasses from what I have gathered on my internet search, is these are a Vintage pair of Predator 5. I managed to find a style number from a pair selling on eBay W2172. They have the G15 lens, matte black frames. Prestine condition in the original case as well. Let me know if you would be interested in purchasing these?

Thank you
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