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do you know what type of sunglasses these are.? they just have that cursive L on one side and ITALY on the other.??

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I have a  pair of ray ban rb3025 sunglasses purchased from Usairways company store back in 2000s do not have logo on lens   are they real

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I have a vintage pair of men's ray bans. they are aviator "flight" sunglasses. they are in mint condition and have the original case. I saw on ebay that they went for $400. Honestly, I am only selling them so I can buy a new pair I will take as low as $200 I think so I can afford my new pair. I can send a photo later but I was just wondering if you were interested. Thanks!

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ok so I did a bit more research. The glasses i own are called aviator "shooter" this is a picture from google but they are this type.

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I have a pair of B&L aviator sunglasses that are not marked Ray Ban anywhere on them. Are all B&L Aviators marked Ray Ban? They are marked under the bridge B&L 58 14 U.S.A.
They also have the BL mark etched in the glass where the arms meet the frame. The frames are gold colored and the lenses are green and appear to be glass. Any help is appreciated.
Thanks, Jeff.
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Do you know what kind of ray ban this is? And maybe what it is worth?

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Originally Posted by musehead View Post

I am a self proclaimed expert on Bausch and Lomb aka Vintage Ray Bans. I have a degree in Vintage Ray Ban Eyewear, if you need help or have a question this is the place to get answers. I also buy them if you have a pair or more you want to sell. Cheers.

Hi musehead.
I have rayban sunglasses that marked 'RAY-BAN TM B&L U.S.A' on its top bridge. It is odm black frame with g15 lense. It is original or fake. Please help me..

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Hi. I just bought a pair of vintage wayfarers, and I believe they are a special edition. I am wondering how much they are worth.


they have the LB in both lenses. inside, on the right side it reads 'L&B RAY-BAN U.S.A.' and 'MOLINARI', on the left it reads 'MOLINARI' and 'WAYFARER'. above one of the lenses on the inside, it reads 'L&B5024'.


the 'MOLINARI' is in a slightly smaller font as the rest of the writing.


The woman that sold them to me told me a price and when she looked at them regretted selling them.


I cannot find any information anywhere online.


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I have a pair of Bausch and Lomb Ray Ban aviator glasses.
Aprox. 30 years old.
It has the BL inscription on both glasses.
On top of the frame it says B&L Ray Ban U.S.A. And after that something that looks like LIC.
On the right arm at the end is : FRAME W. GERMANY
Can you please tell me what specific type this one is?
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Hi, I am having trouble describing my husbands retro Raybans, have had enquiries from Thailand & UK offering a lot more than I'm advertising as they are the REAL thing as all of the questions regarding 'markings' on them seem to be what they're asking, lens marking, bridge of nose engraving etc, could you poss look at listing & advise me , best offer on table now between 2 ebayers is £95?!  Item  No on ebay is 291120751907 . TIA

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Hi I have a pair of ray bans, that I found years ago in my storage room. Not sure what style they are, so I have taken a few pictures. could anyone give me an estimate of how much I could sell them for?



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Hi musehead, I just purchased a pair of vintage ray bans from a pawn shop. I would like to know if they are authentic they are caravan. They have B&L ray ban on the nose bar. I will need a magnifying glass to give you further info. How much can I sell them for?
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arnie1.JPG 116k .JPG file I am looking to purchase a vintage pair of Ray-bans.  Can you help me find this pair?  thanks Alex

arnie2.JPG 121k .JPG file

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Please could you help me with my Ray Ban Wayfarer. I I don't now if they are false or what.

On the right side piece it says B & L Ray Ban USA and on the left side piece is the only Wayfarer.

In the edge on both lenses is the BL. They're black and I know they are over 20 years old, but it's all I know.


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