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Hi all,
How much value for this model?
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Originally Posted by JessRovida View Post

Hi, I have a pair of what I believe to be vintage B&L Wayfarer II Ray Bans and I actually had no clue they were vintage until I came across your posts that said they stopped making B&L's in the 90s and the sunglasses were actually passed down to me from my dad. I actually just thought they were a normal pair of Ray Bans maybe a couple years old and was just gonna give them to a friend but I thought maybe I should look them up to see what kind they were. They have the B&L little ingravements on the lenses and the inside says "B&L Ray Ban U.S.A." And the other side says " Wayfarer II" they have a code also on the bottom left that says "L1725 VSAS" I'll post a few pics but I really know nothing about this style or the history of these sunglasses so it would be great if you could tell me maybe around what year they were made in and whatnot because I don't know much about these types of sunglasses, should I give them to my friend who wanted them or do you think they're worth anything?


Hi! they are just a normal pair, very good nice vintage normal pair :nodding:

if you check on ebay for ray ban wayfarer L1725 youll see sellers that expect they are owning gold and request up to $300 for them.

In my opinion, if they are not NOS (new old stock) including original case plus box and all but just in good condition they are not more worth than...50 - 70$. If youre lucky you can find them cheaper if you have te patients and look on the right places.

Its a very cool pair though. Wayfarer II means you have the larger sized model of the wayfarer line. On the inside above the right lens youll see more engravement referring to size of the lenses and width of the nose bridge.

It would be a very nice gift, if your friend likes the model of course.

i myself am more interested in the aviator style. And when i where wayfarers i prefer to have them without the ray ban logo on the temples. But thats just a personal preference.



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Originally Posted by matt46 View Post

Hi all,
How much value for this model?


for value related question.. please check ebay or other resellers. Value of any vintage item is very discussable. Like currently market is slow in Malaysia which is a huge vintage Ray Ban market... 

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Hi, a few years back my RayBan Side-Strees (RB 3006 W2189) were nicked while on holday in Jamaica. I've been trying to get a hold of a decent condition second hand pair and was lucky enough to find one on ebay so I bought them. When they arrived they were indeed in good condition but they felt very light compared to my old pair. It seems the frames on these are made of plastic and not metal. Do you know if Ray Ban (B&L era) ever sold these with a plastic frame (painted with a shiny metal paint so they look like metal).

Also I've been trying to track down a par of brown lensed Ray Ban for driving aviator style sunglasses for my dad (he used to have a pair back in the early 90s which my brother or I managed to loose). They seem to be extremely expensive and mostly from sellers in the USA. Where these not popular in the UK?

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hello give me that news of these glasses and what value do
B & L  Aviator 58-14


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So at one point I had this same pair of Ray Bans and unfortunately lost them. I'd really like to try and find another pair of these same ones to purchase but I cannot remember the model number or name of them.  If someone could help with identifying which pair these are that would be really helpful.


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Originally Posted by Ppaolo View Post

hello give me that news of these glasses and what value do

B & L  Aviator 58-14

You might wanna read what i posted just above your post..but in your case as theyre looking in quite condition i could give some indicatin, less than 20$. What temples are attached anyway?
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Hi there,

I'm looking for a replacement part for a vintage B&L RayBan USA Wayfarer 2 in mosaic blue (blue with gold). The part in question is a temple arm that has a crack in it. Where would you suggest I look for a replacment arm that not only fits the hinge but also matches the pattern. I've contacted both Luxottica (current owner of RayBan) and Bausch & Lomb and neither of them have any replacement parts.

Thanks for your help,


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Hi Musehead,

Thanks for offering this service!


I was gifted a pair of B&L Ray Ban U.S.A. Aviator sunglasses and managed to break one of the lenses. I was searching on eBay to see if  I could find the lens for sale and have run into an authenticity issue with the pair I own.


The frame I own is gold in color and marked:

- top of frame bridge: B&L RAYBAN U.S.A.

- bottom of frame bridge: B&L 62□14 U.S.A (note: an outline square separates 62 from 14)


Looking at the front of the sunglasses as worn, the Left lens does not contain a RayBan nor an RB monogram/hallmark. The Right lens is missing.



- Though the clear plastic ear piece is formed (rounded) to match the authentic version, the hinge end is not pressed to match an "authentic version"; doesn't spread as widely before becoming round.

- the plastic nose rests do not image the RB hallmark yet their back side does match the authentic fastener version.


I can post a few photos if it will help.


I suppose the nose rests could have been replaced at some point.


Is my pair a knockoff? If yes then I'll simply pickup a pair of 62mm lenses from Italy for $15 plus shipping unless you have a pair I purchase.

If they're authentic, can you help me either source a matching lens (matching pair is probably better) or are you interested in purchasing them for repair parts?


Thanks for the help,



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@NewportMac hi and welcome


first of all... this musehead...


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on 12/4/13


its cool of him he started this long running thread :-) but the guy might be dead even by now...


Anyway, I am NOT a self proclaimed expert on Bausch and Lomb aka Vintage Ray Bans. I DONT have a degree in Vintage Ray Ban Eyewear, neither do i believe such a degree exist :satisfied:

ill answer to my best knowledge which i gained by finding info on internet and experience.


regarding your pair, they are an authentic pair of vintage Ray Ban by Bausch and Lomb sunglasses.

The nose pads, ear pads, screws, hinges, all according BL Ray Bans. So definity not knock offs.


the text under the bridge and your information regarding the lenses points out the are from 60s to mids 70s.

please note RB is only used by luxottica Ray Ban (Italian monopoly (sun)glasses producer that owns Ray Ban since 1999 (in case youre interested check on youtube for "why are sunglasses so expensive" there is a nice documentary on Luxotica)


it looks like your frame is in good condition and my suggestion would be that they deserve some authentic BL sunglasses lenses. Normally harder to find and more expensive than your random nowadays Ray Ban lenses, however, BL lenses are still very good to todays standard.


so you could look for a pair. BL made a lot of different lenses for the aviator models, like close to 45 - 50 different types so enough to chose from :-)

Most standard are: RB3, G15 and changeable brown.


in case you want to know more please post your question or drop me a pm



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Thanks for the welcome and detailed reply!!!


I've found a lens pair in the right size but they have a Ray Ban printed on the left lens. I'm guesing they aren't 60s to mid 70s vintage.


Any suggestions on a good source for the missing lens and how to determine the matching color?




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Indeed, when they have ray ban on them theyre at least from 1982 or newer.
I just you post a picture and most likely i will be able to tell you what they are
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I have ray ban Is keeping more than20 year
These design not easily to have and glass is clear in night vision
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What type design since on 1982
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