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Vintage Ray Ban Expert

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I am a self proclaimed expert on Bausch and Lomb aka Vintage Ray Bans. I have a degree in Vintage Ray Ban Eyewear, if you need help or have a question this is the place to get answers. I also buy them if you have a pair or more you want to sell. Cheers.
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Hi Musehead,


I have a pair of vintage Bausch and Lomb Ray Bans that I am trying to get more info on. My father bought them back in the 70s or 80s and has never worn them because he had to get prescriptions. I have looked at quite a few websites that list info on how to tell a fake and all, but the glasses that I have are slightly different from what they consider to be "real." Mine have the stamp on  both the under and upper side of bridge. Top side reads "B&L Ray Ban U.S.A." Bottom side reads "B&L 62[]14 U.S.A." There are no markings on the ear pieces or anywhere else on the glasses with the exception of the Ray Ban logo on the lense. The part that I am confused about is the etching that is supposed to be on the lense. I do not have a BL, B&L or RB. I can't imagine that they would have made fakes that long ago so could these be older than the 70s??? I can send pics if that would help. Any info would be greatly appreciated!



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Hey thanks for posting bridg90, from what you've stated on your post, everything checks out. Ray Bans were first made by Bausch and Lomb starting in the late 1930's up until the Ray Ban name got sold to Luxoticca in 1998. It seems to me that you have a pair late 1950 to early 1970 Ray bans. The B&L etching was not laser etched neither did they have the white cursive "Ray Ban" logo. The laser B&L etching was introduced in the late 1970's and the white cursive "Ray Ban" logo in late 1982. If you can, pm me some pictures or just post some on here and I'll be able to tell you what type of lens they have.
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You have the 62mm large sized lens
Standard was a 58mm medium
Lastly, all vintage Ray bans were stamped B&L Ray Ban USA
On the top part of the top bar and B&L Ray Ban 62-14
For 62mm Large or B&L Ray Ban 58-14 for the 58mm medium
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Was Connery wearing Ray Bans on the beach scene with Domino towards the end of Thunderball?

Do you know post Luxottica is it true the lenses are now plastic or polycarbonate? I think older Ray Bans were all made of glass?
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I have vintage Wayfarers and Drifters. I never wear them because they always slide off my head. Welcome to Styleforum musehead.
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Are there any major differences between vintage and current Ray Bans? If so, what existing brand(s) compare closest to vintage Ray Bans?

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The plastic on the vintage models is a lot stiffer. Also, vintage models are heavier and to my eye, the old Wayfarers seem to lean forward more than the current ones. I really like the old styling.
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@ Laniceman,

Had to Youtube that scene, never watched the movie before. They don't look like B&L Ray Bans Wayfares or any other Vintage model, from the side markings, it's hard to make out so I might be wrong but they Look like some type of Vintage Persol Sunglasses. Modern day Luxottica lens are made of glass not plastic however from my personal experience the lens quality is just not as good as classic Bausch and Lomb Ray Ban. B&L has more lens choices and more specialized lens technologies like Changeables aka photo chromatic, Chromax (Driving series), Diamond Hard (NASA diamond coating technology) and many more.


@Man of Limit,

Thanks for the welcome. It's possible to get them sized at a local Lenscrafters, (they do it for free) or any other local optometry centers (note: some charge, about 10-15$) I size all of my Ray Bans, although I do just wear aviators and they are way easier to self adjust, so I do it myself, the Wayfarers and Drifters I'd get those professionally sized at above mentioned places they have thicker paddles so they'll most likely use a heat source (don't worry it's safe) to make them malleable.



I have yet to find another brand that compares to Bausch and Lomb Ray Bans. Modern day Ray Bans are just not the same, it's because B&L just sold the name "Ray Ban" to Luxottica and not their lens technology, I'd say Oakley is probably the only one that comes close, they do have some pretty cool sunglasses but they're just not my style so I always end up going back to B&L Ray Bans.  

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Hello I am interested in purchasing these clubmaster ray bans off of craigslist and I was wondering if you could tell me if they are authentic based on the pictures because I did notice that it says made in china. please and thank you. I would be so grateful. The link is below.

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also are ray bans made in china now i heard they were but Im not sure

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Modern day Ray Bans are not made in China, if it is stated that they are then that's a clear indicator of a fake. Nowadays they are made in Italy by Luxottica. The listing you posted on here is no longer up. It has been deleted by its author.
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Great info Musehead, please continue to check in here.
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Great thread, Musehead! Here's my question:


I have a pair of B&L Predator 1 Polarized glasses (circa 1996) that I love, but the lenses are all scratched up now. What's the best way to get replacement lenses for this pre-Luxottica model? Do you know if Ray-Ban provides a lens replacement service for older models? Any info or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Originally Posted by musehead View Post

Modern day Ray Bans are not made in China, if it is stated that they are then that's a clear indicator of a fake. Nowadays they are made in Italy by Luxottica. The listing you posted on here is no longer up. It has been deleted by its author.

This is not correct.

I bought a pair of Wayfarers from an authorized, in person, large, brick&mortar dealer in Colorado (Europtics, for those curious) and they were made in China.


The model I have is the 5184.
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