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Dining/side chairs

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As I've discovered, finding new dining room chairs is the hardest task ever. They'd be going with a white Kartell Maui table, help!

Options that we're considering:;is_finder_result:1&lang=en

this one will have to wait, but it's first on my list when we get a bigger place. I'm posting it here just because.

Also, at no point will "quality replicas" ever be considered.
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I like the lightwood chair best for that table, of the group posted. Anything fairly light in the style of a cafe chair should work pretty well.
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I've been thinking about getting these later this year.
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They're comfortable and very nice in leather. Little underwhelming in plastic.
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I recommend sitting in the ones you like, if possible. It's amazing how often I fall in love with a chair online and then find I really dislike the way it feels when I finally sit in it.

My wife and I sat in a bunch of chairs. We got the Stua Gas, because it was noticeably more comfortable than nearly all the other chairs we tested. They come in a pretty good variety of leather and fabrics.
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yeah, I'll be able to try a bunch, though certainly not all. Comfort is not that important to me, only discomfort.

I imagine they'll get about 30 minutes of use a week.
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some narrowing down

contender #1


contender #2

#1 is beautiful, wood + plastic, but twice as much $$$ as #2.

#2 is also beautiful, fibreglass-plastic, and they can all slide under our table (space is at a premium). Not sure which ones I like better.
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Of the ones you posted, I like the Prouve and Steelwood chairs best.

I'm surprised you didn't mention the Hal chairs by Jasper Morrison:

They look great with either wood legs or steel cantilevered base. Plus, they make an upholstered cover, if you like.
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I like the Hal, but prefer the Trattoria. The chairs we have now are cantiliver based, but since the table we have is so small, it's a mess down there.

the Steelwood is great, but it wouldn't quite fit under the table unless we raised it by 2-3"
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Oh, maybe the most perfect dining chair ever made:

I know you don't want to go the MCM route, but come on, this is painfully beautiful. Pricey.
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We'd get the Cesca chairs if not for the expense. $1,200 a chair! Even more if you want arms.
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Originally Posted by mafoofan View Post

Oh, maybe the most perfect dining chair ever made:

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Nah. That one looks like it's confused about itself. The Cesca is unrefinable.
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it's striking yet elegant.
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You could copy us and do these:

I'm torn between these and the Cesca chairs. Ultimately, the price is determinative.
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