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In sports in general, notice the trend? Teams are winning - the Patriots, Pistons, Marlins - often without any superstars.
It's such a shame that the stars generate much more interesting discussions that the teams, though I do believe that Tom Brady is a bona fide star.
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It's such a shame that the stars generate much more interesting discussions that the teams, though I do believe that Tom Brady is a bona fide star.
Let's not forget Ty Law or, now, Corey Dillon. I've never been so excited for football season so early.
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Why thinks that both could end up staying in L.A. next season?
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I used to admire Kobe for his work ethic, how each summer he would practice and come back a better player than before. Compare this with Shaq who basically took the summer off, and the first half of the regualr season. Shaq would actually get in shape for the playoffs through the regular games. But, now, I'm really starting to get pissed at Kobe who's coming off as ungrateful and disloyal to the Lakers. They've dismissed Phil, are willing to trade Shaq, and he's actually thinking about going to the Clippers because they have a stronger nucleus?. Of course, they have a stronger nucleus- the Lakers are getting rid of Shaq. And, now, the Lakers are desperate to trade Shaq now instead of trying to get the best deal for Kobe's sake. This trade talk for Miami is a joke. Banksmiranda: in the picture of MJ's mansion, does he have a guest house. I wasn't sure if those 2 housing structures in front of his house were also his. I'm surprised it doesn't have a golf course attached to it.
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Esquire, agreed. Kobe is pretty self-centered. A hero for going to trial hearings and playing a game the next day? That's only because he couldn't keep it in his pants when he went to Colorado for knee surgery. Jordan's house does have a putting green - notice the "faded" area of the lawn? One thing I noticed about Jordan: in his last game with the Wizards, he shot two free throws, took himself out of the game, and sat at the end of the bench away from his teammates as if to say, "I'm not a part of this." That, along with the revelation that he had been cheating on his wife, made me lose a lot of respect for this supposed "family guy." Jordan, just like other aging athletes like Magic Johnson, just had to stay in the spotlight, and overstayed his welcome.
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Nice find.
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Shaq. As Mike Tyson in his prime coulda whupped Ali's ass, Shaq could do the same to Wilt, Russell, or Jabbar.
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Kobe's already had a better career than Shaq, and he's not done yet by a long shot.

as a teammate, i know Kobe has a reputation as an aloof asshole but it seems like you'd always know where you stand with him, and he'd challenge you to bring your best if you're going to be on his team. Shaq is all smiley in public and then stab you in the back. i think i'd take Kobe
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shaq would eventually ask you to taste his ass. do not want.
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