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Mods and Suedeheads


I’ve featured this thread before, and I have to say that it’s still one of the best on StyleForum – a tiny community within a community that features authentic suedeheads and mods (who lived in England in the late ‘60s) reminiscing about their lives and the development of a the eponymous fashion movement. It’s absolutely worth a read.


All About Filson


Filson – well known on StyleForum for their rugged yet surprisingly utilitarian and even work appropriate bags – also makes clothing and accessories. Like an upscale L.L. Bean or a more authentic Orvis (without the flyfishing and with more hunting), Filson, especially in the light of recent collaborations with fashion brands like Levi’s and Sebago, is a surprisingly good source of Americana and hunting clothes. 


B&S Finds


Unis Gio Brown, 33



Kent Wang Captoes, 8 ½