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Gravity (10.19.2013)

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Uhhh no thanks.
Wouldn't want to see this on a big screen either. With all that spinning around, someone is going to hurl their popcorn & soda.
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Got to see an early screening of Gravity this week. Easily the best film i've seen this year. Phenomenal performance by Bullock and great special effects. Loved the score too. One of the few movies that I have seen that had the experience enhanced by 3D. When it gets released officially I plan to see it again at IMAX.
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NIce. I want to see this.
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I am dumbfounded. This movie is amazing. I am amazed. I have no words.

Saw it 3D IMAX tonight. I was in space for an hour and a half. I love this movie so much.
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Don't wait for this on video. Go see it in 3D IMAX if you can. This is an experience.

Holy shit was that good.
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just the thought of sandra bullock spinning off into space makes me want to see it.
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Originally Posted by limping_decorum View Post

just the thought of sandra bullock spinning off into space makes me want to see it.

I normally hate her but she was actually really good in this.

I'm not kidding, go see this movie and thank me later. It's that good.
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Very, very good flick
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I was telling Harvey that the marketing of this film hasn't really sold it to general audiences. I expect reviews and word of mouth will be what makes it successful even if it likely won't have a huge total opening weekend pull. I'm also anticipating some real Oscar buzz out of it.
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This movie seems unnerving. I might go see it just based on how much everyone seems to be enjoying it.
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I think I'm going to do an IMAX 3D showing this afternoon.
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Seeing it tonight IMAX 3D. High expectations.
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This movie is unbelievable. I expected nothing less from Alfonso Cuaron. And if what I've read is true, it's nuts that Sandra was like the 6th choice by the studios. Worked out really well for everyone IMO.
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