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Travel/Casual all-weather boot

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First time poster long time reader so please bear with me.


I am looking for some help finding a boot to suit my needs.  I have a long three month holiday coming up which will include a lot of walking/sightseeing/random weather.  Ideally, I am looking for a boot to take with me that will be comfortable to walk miles a day in, be able to stand up to the inevitable rain/puddles/dirt/mud but be able to be cleaned up for evening wear.  Additionally, after the trip I'd intend to use the boot for travel to and from work and even be able to use in business casual situations on crappy days.  All of this at a sub $200 price.


I have read and searched the forum and come up with a few boots such as the clarks DB (most likely beeswax for the leather), AE indy, etc. but each have their drawbacks (DB not good in the rain and AE too expensive).


So I was wondering if there were any other boots out there that would fit these specs you guys could recommend? 


Thanks in advance for the help!

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your only hope is DB and getting them resoled to your sole that suits your needs.

so thats DB you can wait for a sale probably $60 a resole $90 max see your problem solved.
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redwing makes a chukka style boot for around $250, but they go on sale for 200 all the time. A bit more rugged and maybe not as business appropriate, but still great looking boots.

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If you're a long time reader, how come you made a special flower thread?
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I like Bestard - I have the Matrix K (discontinued) made with premium Perchwanger leather and Gore-Tex water-proof lining.


Its a boot made in Spain in Lloseta in Majorca and its been around since 1940. Its a top quality boot.

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