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For Sale:
Momotaro x Blue Owl BOM004 "Silk + Zimbabwe" Tapered 13oz Raw Selvedge Size 32, Hemmed 33.5"

Will Ship To: Anywhere

With our 4th collaboration we wanted something that has a luxury feel and ultimate comfort and to introduce a new fit to the Momotaro label - tapered. What we created was fabric using 100% Zimbabwe cotton for the warp threads and 100% silk on the weft. The result is a fabric that has an incredible soft interior giving the luxury feel and comfort and and exterior surface with good amount of slub and beautiful medium dark indigo color. The "tapered" fit is a great addition and we already have plans to expand the fit with future collaborations.

* The fabric is a 13oz sanforized selvedge made with a blend of silk for the weft yarns and Zimbabwe cotton on the warp. The Zimbabwe cotton is rope dyed in pure indigo to a super dark color, but the actual color has a blue gray tone as the silk can be seen along the surface. The exterior surface has slubby texture and a soft feel with a touch of crispness. The interior is incredibly soft, like wearing silk bed sheets wrapped around your legs. Bottom line, this denim is pure luxury, plus it will fade well as the dark indigo will give a nice contrast after some wear.
* The "tapered" fit has never been produced by Momotaro. This fit has been borrowed from the Japan Blue line. The fit is slim in the top block, has a medium rise, enough room in the thigh to be comfortable, and begins to taper from the upper thigh all the way to the leg opening.
* 13oz sanforized raw selvedge (expect minimal shrinkage)
* Deer skin patch
* 5oz indigo chambray pocket bags
* Hidden back pocket rivets
* Stitching of peach logo on back right pocket
* Copper rivets and buttons all engraved with Momotaro logos
* Pink interior thread - representing the peach from the "Momotaro" folklore story.
* 60% Zimbabwe cotton, 40% silk
* 100% natural cotton thread
* Made in Japan

Waist: 34.5"
Rise: 10.75"
Thigh: 12.2"
Knee: 8.45"
Inseam: 33.5"
Leg Opening: 7.5"

Already hemmed and on Special Discount, $100 off retail! For more information and pictures visit the Blue Owl Website page. Price is shipped to US, international is additional $15.