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i took photos of the dvn vest shown in the first post

it has 3 pockets, 1 is a bit bigger so you can put a wallet or camera in it, the other 2 are rather small, but a slim phone or other small stuff would fit

there also is a different colorway which was shown on the runway, but i haven't seen it in a store
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fleece one is insane, oakley one could probably be styled really cool

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I like this vest, the high neck and cap on hood looks dope!

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Possibly CCP? Anyone have more pics?

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Japanese vintage work vest from the first half of the 1900's.
Other side is mainly made of cotton checks, other indigo denim.
Lots of patching made by hand.
Lightly quilted.
Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

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^ Would acquire. Dries looks great too.

Originally Posted by conceptual 4est View Post

Possibly CCP? Anyone have more pics?

Definitely CCP. Looks like an extended version of the vest bag

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Two vests on ebay:


Tim Coppens AW12




Nigel Cabourn SS12

Processed By eBay with ImageMagick, R1.1.1.M2a

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I laughed at first, but it might actually look pretty good styled different as long as it was left unbuttoned and hanging in the front

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yeah it was posted a few pages back. there's potential but idk, it just looks overdetailed and... tiny, you know ?
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whoops, just went back and saw it.  agree with you though

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hemp by bless

(and also in black cotton)
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omg. f me.  I thought it was perfect then I reverse image searched and it's really big??? but it might be perfect anyway?? hopefully the model is tiny????  also $555 smh


Maybe sell the Ervell Daypack I just picked up and get this instead?










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the model is little but the unfortunately-named demimoore thing is pretty big too -- which is good. small vests belong only near small walls

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LOL.  ok demimoore bag it is.  Will put up the Ervell tonight

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