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Yeah that's nice. Good side shot
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That's good. Excellent pocket/yard ratio
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One of the runway looks had it styled backwards. Can't see the back but I think it looks pretty cool.
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Is that a jumper/onsie? Who is stocking that?

Interesting way to style eg. Reminds me of cdg, especially with the flowery details.
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here's a better pick of that eg onesie, its called the "combi suit"

nepenthes nyc just got the blue chambray, navy tropical wool and grey tropical wool in last month, alternatively you can give them a call for other stockists and available fabrics (212) 643-9540

and just wanna say that fwk makes full length onesies most every season and their fw ones are usually killer
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Thanks for the heads up bud. Really appreciate that!
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Black version is the only one I can see working if worn a bit loose, other ones giving me serious vintage bathing suit vibes. Down with boiler suits and overalls though.
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Yes, totally agree. Looks like there's some nice drape to it.
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Helmut Lang

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US surplus?
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Fantastic , would throw over a tee then a loose blazer or long jacket

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How stiff/uncomfortable vs. comfortable does it feel when you move around ?
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Surprisingly unnoticeable when worn. Which made it even better. It was pretty light, if a bit tight in the chest but that's partly due to wearing a thick wool shirt over a tshirt here...
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I still find the pockets to leather ratio suboptimal. I guess I'll pass foo.gif
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Yeah well the 1500$ price is really the biggest dissuader here. He's really intruding into ccp prices , jeans already cost as much
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