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I'm going to have a conversation with my leather guy. I'm sure we can sit down, draw something up and make something along the lines of what I want.
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This thing is wild enough while being useful when I'm on stage with the bands during live concerts.

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2011:12:15 12:18:34 Leaf Aptus 75S
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Undercover FW2003 (?)

Raf Simons SS2003

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with a little luck I may be able to put in a deposit for this later this week :slayer:

(from Ivwri's store Stranger https://www.facebook.com/stranger.lagos)

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KoY, that looks pretty good, and if I'm reading things right on their site it comes out to about $100? (before shipping or anything else of course)




Geometer Utility Harness - Made from a hardwearing cotton gabardine fabric with YKK zippers and metal hardware, this harness is adjustable in the shoulders and should fit any size. There are two front facing pockets, one fastened by a single button and the other with a zipper. There is also an inner jet pocket where you can keep your phone or wallet.

Price: N15,000
Availability: Made to order

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yep something like that, first you put in a deposit of ~50$, and then you pay the other 50$ + shipping when it's done and ready to be sent

Or well that's atleast how I think it is, started an email-conversation with ivwri earlier today about the stuff in the collection (coat and shirt look pretty cool too))

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Marble! First damir vest is nice and texturey
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Demobaza; pretty into these



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Some non-fashun examples.

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More Lang:


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I've been trying to search for this item... Anyone know what the exact name for this product is? 



Originally Posted by sipang View Post

Issey Miyake SS05

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