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Don't do this at home

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Gentlemen, We all like to impress our significant other. But in the field of men's fashion (and/or grooming), what is the thing you wear - or do - that most repels, embarasses, or turns off your partner? Okay, fess up.
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Nothing (my girlfriend plays it safe)
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After 7 years of marriage, I honestly can't think of anything. But then, I'm pretty conservative. Also, we think along the same lines on most things, including clothes and grooming.
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I commend you both.
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My ex-girlfriend HATED when I cut my hair short. When I let it grow, it gets really curly. She was very much into curly hair. I liked to get it short enough to gel every so often. That didn't mix well.
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I have a pair of brown striped seersucker trousers, full cut, that I wear occassionally when it gets hot. She really really really hates those trousers. Says I look like a clown. I think they make me look like an English country gentleman.
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Great idea for a thread. My girlfriend of three years (I'm 23) has seen the evolution of my clothing tastes from a very split vintage vs. preppy look (I like indie rock, but I like blue blazers too) to a mash of the two. I also spend more and more on clothes. Luckily, she works at Nordstrom, so she sees worse. As far as what she hates? I now have an extensive collection of sports jackets, from new and dressy to thrift store ratty. She doesn't approve of my casual wearing of sportcoats, especially my poplin and corduroy ones; she thinks I look like I'm trying too hard and dress like an old man. See also two other vintage items: my Members Only jacket and red Lacoste jacket.
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I have Prada driving loafers that I wear everywhere in summer that she (and many others) detest. I think it's the combination of the style (very slipper-like) and color (often described as baby-shit yellow). I love them because they're extremely comfy (despite having poor support) and match almost anything I might wear casually (jeans, shorts, chinos, whatever).
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my wife thinks it's stupid when i will say unexpected things to strangers, just to see their reaction. example: when someone asks how are you doing, i will say something silly or goofy like "i'm rockin' how 'bout you?" and they usually stumble and giggle b/c they're expecting a "fine" answer. it's all for my amusement.
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I always find this a silly custom and have to hold my tongue so I don't tell them that my hemorrhoids are getting better - thank you, or something along those lines.
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A very interesting syndicated radio host (liberal leanings of course) used to ask his callers when they asked him that "Do you really care?" Stopped most of them from asking...
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Two items destined for the trash bin are a pair of Gucci sandals/mandals and a pair of Boss drawstring cotton shorts. The sandals are beat up anyhow, but they make for good spring/summer schlepping and the shorts are the most comfortable pair of shorts I have (they're softer than twill and more like a soft knit shirt rather a khaki short) but my better half says they make me look skinny.
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Interesting stuff. I read somewhere that over 80% of all purchases for men are made by women. Does your significant other (male or female, not to be exclusionary here) buy for you (I'm not talking bespoke suits, shoes, shirts, etc.)? Pullovers, casual pants, belt, hats, thong underwear...does she dress you well? Or am I talking to the exclusive, male-dominated 20% here?
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While I can't rely on my girlfriend for significant wardrobe items (the ones that need to fit), she's much better than I am regarding color, texture and pattern matching, both traditional and unexpected. Hence, she's great for accessories. She has found me new and vintage ties, watches, and cufflinks, and made great recommendations on t-shirts/casual wear. And though she knows her brands, she doesn't label check. She picks out some very distinctive items that I would never have found because I'm a slave to what I know. I hate to stereotype, and maybe I'm just blind, but pretty much any woman I know who would care what I wear is better at coordinating my clothes than I am. I can bring her a jacket/suit, three shirts and six ties and her decision is almost inevitably more creative than mine. She also prevents faux pas (plural sp?) on the casual end, which is a godsend. I am an idiot.
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She also prevents faux pas (plural sp?) on the casual end, which is a godsend. I am an idiot.
Shoreman80, Some of the most intelligent people in existence were successful because they surrounded themselves with people who were good at what they do. So, no, you are by no means an idiot.
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