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What should a college student wear?

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As the title says...

I've just got a couple of questions,


Turning 21 and living in a metropolitan city makes clothing decisions important.

Currently all my friends view me as a lost lamb when it comes to wearing clothes, my mother still buys me clothes from time to time.


I want a list, the AWESOME clothes list if i could call it.


to revamping my fashion sense from wearing nike kicks with pants and Tee's to something like tom ford loafers sport jackets and dress pants.


< Help Needed> 

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At 21 and in college, I'd say you're probably better served by the Nikes and tees you mentioned than by Tom Ford loafers and sport jackets. There are lots of threads on this exact topic; search and you'll find them.

Dress casually and focus on fit. Stick to basics—dark denim, button down shirts, logo-less tees—and keep it simple. Don't blow all your cash on Tom Ford, and don't be like this dude:
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Noted. I did take a read at his post, and he's the reason to why im posting. I'm trying to build my wardrobe from now.

I would not be able to live with myself wearing suits and ties everyday to university, but nor am i happy wearing jeans and tees.


I want to enrich my fashion sense and wearing something in between, that would make me fashionable, but not pushing it.

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100% depends on where you are going to school. I went to a private school for high school in NYC where we always wore button downs and slacks. Weather permitting, most wore sports coats.

In college, however, most people wore pajama pants and flip flops in the spring and jeans with sneakers in the winter.

I recommend working your own style without being too formal. Smart jeans, chinos, etc. And you can always dress it up a bit with your shoes
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