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Starting my dress shirt collection

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I know this thread pops up many times. I am doing my research, I just thought I would make this just to get another view point on what people think.


About me:


Recent college graduate, have some money to spend but not a lot. Price range per shirt will be between $60-$80. I want to get the basics down. 4 white shirts 2 blue shirts and a couple other shirts to change it up in the rotation.


Which brands would you recommend for a starter. I'm not expecting these shirts to last for forever just 2-3 years until I can afford the good stuff.


Also inform me of any good places with killer deals.


Some brands im considering:


1. Banana Republic

2. Charlse Trywhitt

3. Bonobos

4. Brooks Brothers

5. Hugo Boss


I'm new to this, so don't bash me too hardrolleyes.gif

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Go to My Tailor.com. Look at their lower priced Made to Measure shirts. This way you will get a great fit and the collar and fabric that you want.

I use them and love their shirts. Start with one. Make sure it is right and then, if needed adjust any measurements and, order the balance.
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Thanks! Played around on the site and they have every thing you could ever want!


Does any one know about the quality of the fabric? thread count? How it wrinkles? Quality of stitching? Etc?

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I own bespoke shirts from well know tailors in Italy as well as better MTM Italian shirts and now most of my shirt purchases are from My Tailor. But rather than do it on line, I look at the travel schedule and meet them in person to measure and to select fabrics. I highly recommend them.
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