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Alden Chukkas or ??

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I'm looking at getting a nice pair of chukkas as an additional travel/vacation shoe. I like the looks of the Alden brown suede unlined chukkas. These are on the leydon last which I don't know much about. I'm thinking the brown as it will go with both jeans and khakis whereas lighter tan or snuff color won't go with khakis as well. I know these unlined chukkas are popular. My question is about the comfort while walking. Does it make for a good "walking" shoe? Probably not as it doesn't have much cushion or sole for comfort and grip on city streets. The two alternatives I'm looking at are the:

Alden dark brown chukka on the barrie last. It has lug rubber sole. I would think it would make a more comfortable walking shoe especially with it's rubber sole but it's not quite as handsome a shoe.

Church's ryder III. Similar looking to the Aldens. These have dainite soles which don't look terribly comfortable.

Has anyone tried any/all of these and could comment on them. I know everyone says the unlined Aldens feel like a slipper but are they as good for walking a bit? Ideally seeking a chukka comfortable to sight see all day wearing jeans/khakis and a nice shirt and could put on some dressier khakis with shirt/blazer for dinner. Maybe asking to much form one shoe.

Alden unlined

Alden lined, rubber soled

Church's Ryder III
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I have firsthand experience with the Ryder III boot. It's very comfortable right out of the box, very easy to slip in to, plenty of room in the shoe etc. The Dainite sole is very flexible and obviously hard wearing.


I actually don't like the design of that Alden chukka. Some unnecessary stitching and the lug sole being inelegant. The Ryder has a cleaner aesthetic and the sole is nice and slim.


I'd highly recommend you buy it unless you've already got something else. It is a very high quality piece of footwear and it looks absolutely gorgeous.

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