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Alfred Sargent Exclusive Ramsey

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Hi guys,

I've wanted a pair of double monks for a while and quite like the look of the AS Ramsey. Never having had AS before, can anyone comment on the quality of the exclusive range in general and the Ramsey in particular?  I'm most interested in upper leather quality, and by quality I mean it's ability to take conditioner and polish and remain supple.  


Having only recently started buying 'good' shoes I don't want to end up with nasty leather.  For the last few years I was buying shoes like Church's and Loake thinking I was buying quality shoes but the first pair of C&Js I bought - my word, what a difference in leather quality and that was 'only' the main collection, not handgrade.


I tend to be quite heavy on soles (despite only weighing 70kg!), are the AS oak tanned soles pretty decent when it comes to longevity?


A question more specific to the Ramsey, do the actual straps seem durable?  It is double (or triple) leather and are the buckles built with elastic to take some of the strain?

Also, how so AS fit compared to say C&J? I have quite dainty feet at UK7 (in C&J Standard E fitting). As I'd be buying the Ramsey unseen, would a 7F be comparable?

Finally, does anyone know how much AS charge for recrafting? I know they offer the service but I can't see a price on the website.

Thanks for any advice you are able to give.

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I can comment on uppers, soles and fit.

The uppers are excellent. They take cream and polish well. Definitely better than Alden and CJ benchgrade and Imho comparable to EG. I don't have much exp. w/ CJ handgrade. Soles are Bakers, which many consider the best in the world. Mine are worn on rough pavement and cobblestone all the time. AS and C&J have multiple lasts, of course, and each may compare differently, but fwiw, I'm 8.5 UK in everything I've tried, unless I want to wear thicker socks (winter and/or boots), which is when I prefer a 9.
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Just in case you hadn't seen them, check these two threads:

I currently have two AS. Really great and underrated shoes, IMO! If you're coming from Church's and Loakes I'm sure you'd be more than happy with the quality of the Ramsey. The channeled soles will certainly be a step above C&J benchgrade.
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The upper strap on the Ramsey is elastic. The lower is leather. Not quite sure what you mean by triple leather, but it's a strap doubled over and attached to the shoe at the ends with the buckle in the middle.

Leather is quite supple. I like them better than my Lowndes although that's a bit of apples/oranges since the Ramseys are calf and the Lowndes are suede although they're both navy.

No idea about the longevity of the soles since I don't wear them a whole lot (see above re: navy calf).

You might also conder the Carmina dub munks.
They're quite comparable to the AS. I wear those a lot more but that's probably due to them being brown.
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Thanks for all the responses!

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