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Help a socialist dress

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Hi. I'm a socialist and I need help on picking an outfit for an evening event I'll be attending about a month from now. I usually wear a suit and tie when everyone else does, but a suit is really a right-wing institution and this time I actually want to make a political statement(and clothes are useful at sending messages tongue.gif ).
There is no dress code per-se, although I'm expecting most people will be wearing suits and I don't actually want to offend. I was perhaps thinking of wearing a sport coat of some sort, dark blue cords and a light purple OCBD. But would a sportcoat actually be more leftist than a suit? Any ideas? Since it's a month from now, I still have time to place an order with my tailor, so feel free to suggest anything I might buy(no Mao suits).
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Do as Gandhi did.

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Find a sportjacket made of jean material - the fabric of the proud working man. icon_gu_b_slayer[1].gif
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Red socks
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Red socks are generally viewed as right wing in an individualistic and "I'm a special butterfly" kind of way.
As far as denim goes, I would rather wear jeans than a SC.
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Suits are right wing, yet you have your own tailor? Fail. You already wear suits, so don't act like a child throwing a temper tantrum. Suit up!
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Just to clarify, my tailor is a local tailor and also a friend of mine, so no "man oppressing man" here biggrin.gif
Again, this event is more political in nature than, shall we say, a wedding(at which I usually wear a suit, if that's the dress code) and that explains me not wanting to wear a suit.
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 "man on man" here biggrin.gif

We don't need to know about your personal life. Just tell us what type of suit you want.

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Or why not go for a 1900 worker style, shirt, waist coat, scarf and cap.

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Look into chambray.
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A Socialist with a sense of irony? Or is it ignorance?
Your avatar is of Salvador Dali, almost alone in the Spanish
Arts community in his de facto support of Franco's Fascists in the Spanish
Civil War and the regime that followed.
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Duplicate Post
(Fascist Plot! )
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Buy something vintage and have it altered. Thus you are recycling and providing the opportunity for work. Wear a red tie, or a rose lapel pin.
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Spalla Camicia has returned
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