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i was just wondering i recently fell in love with hanro wear. I wear suits so i bought some boxer briefs and tanks and they feel amazing. The price is quite steep and I was just wondering if anyone also has any recommendations for quality and feel that is similar to hanro or is it really the top of the line?

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Hanro is defo my favorite, but there are certainly other high end makers, e.g., Zimmerli.  Pricing is similar, if not higher, than Hanro.


You could also check out Sunspel and Boss (not the goofy overly branded stuff, but their Advance line if you can find it).  

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A company in the UK, called Silver Signature have a nice collection of the Hanro Basics collection and I tend to find their prices much more reasonable than the likes of Harrods and the other online retailers. 

Hope this helps! 

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