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Wool&Prince Brand Wool Shirts

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Just read an article about this brand.


Anyone tried their shirts?

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They don't exist yet beyond the prototypes.
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I have three of them, and I quite like them.  I got two from the kickstarter and one of the new run ones.  They changed the fit a little bit, and I would guess that the new fit would appeal to people a bit more.  I have to admit that I wore my two kickstarter ones for several weeks without washing and they had no odor!  I only washed them when I spilled something.  I'd be happy to answer any questions about them.

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I'm the founder at Wool&Prince and a bit biased as you can imagine, but our shirts will change the way you wear and care for button-downs. We have guys go months at a time without ironing or cleaning their shirts. It's simple, just hang up and let them air out over night. When you finally decide the shirt needs cleaning, throw it in the wash on cold cycle and hang dry.


I've seen too many closets stuffed with cotton button-downs that don't get much use. Our goal at Wool&Prince is for guys to simplify their button-down collection with a few Wool&Prince shirts. I like to think that 1 of our button-downs equals 3 or 4 normal button-downs.


You can read some of our testimonials here: http://blog.woolandprince.com/post/68782641093/what-our-customers-are-saying


Cheers, Mac

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